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Ukraine Response: Crossing Oceans with the Love of God


Ukraine refugees overwhelmed with the compassion of the Lord

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has triggered massive upheaval and uncertainty. As the war in Ukraine rages on, 4 million have fled Ukraine. 6.5 million are displaced inside the country, and another 13 million are estimated to be stranded in affected areas or unable to leave. 

We are all confronted with the realities of a massive humanitarian crisis that is growing by the day; the largest since WWII. 

Millions need food, shelter, and lifesaving assistance inside the country and in the surrounding nations. Civilian neighborhoods are being shelled, and the losses are mounting on both sides. Thanks to our partners and friends, our ministry deployed volunteers to bring relief to the crisis since March 4 and have had 6 waves of responders since with people on the ground and many more waves of responders planned. 

Our focus is not on the politics, or who is to blame. Our focus is on bringing relief to the people who are suffering. 

Yet, in the midst of this crisis, we continue seeing God’s faithfulness, God’s open doors, and an opportunity to do ministry in Jesus’ name.

Ukraine/Poland Border Ministry 

The first thing that we did when we touched down at the border was set up a place of ministry, a safe place for refugees to come to rest, be ministered to, and encounter God in prayer and in worship with our teams, plus get supplies, food, and practical care.

In the midst of the worst situations, hearts are so often open to hearing the good news. Isaiah 61 gives us our mandate to bring comfort to those who are hurting, liberty to those that are oppressed, freedom for the captives, and spiritual liberty, that’s only found in Jesus Christ. 

As we minister to the hearts of Ukraine refugees and set them free from the bondage of sin, no matter what happens externally, we know they’re free and set for eternity.

Prayer and Worship 

Praying for the spiritual needs of those in this crisis is proven so effective and so powerful. Our teams have seen hearts changed and overwhelmed with the love of God. One of our team members related an encounter with a family that was just overwhelmed that we would cross oceans just to share the love of God and help people in need. Christian ministry presence in Ukraine is so important as it’s a witness that there is a God in heaven, there is a God who cares deeply about people so much so that he will send messengers, ministers of the Gospel across oceans to share the love of Jesus Christ with those who are hurting.

Food and Care for Ukraine Refugees

In addition to meeting spiritual needs, bringing aid to physical needs is so important. Thousands of people, hundreds of organizations, and churches have rallied to raise support, and send supplies, first aid kits, food, and blankets. We have brought in dozens and dozens of duffel bags full of goods and bought even more on the ground in neighboring nations like Poland. Thanks to partners and organizations in the U.S. we’ve been able to distribute audio Bibles in the Ukrainian language, solar phone chargers, and solar Bibles.

Orphan Ministry in Ukraine and Poland

As needs have changed and the situation unfolds, orphan ministry has become a top priority – ministering to the displaced and neglected children in Ukraine. It started with 12 orphans and expanded to dozens more that need our help. We’re also working with refugees teaching English as a second language in the mountains of Poland near the border and are establishing a place of refuge, a place of healing, a place of hope and help.

Ukraine Medical Ministry

The medical needs on the ground continue to escalate. Our responder waves 6 through 10 are filling up with responders who are trained with a priority for medical personnel to deploy with us to the front lines of this crisis. When there’s a need we want to fill that need and one of those needs right now is medical care and attention.

Christian ministry presence in Ukraine sends a message that God’s love meets real needs with practical ministry and connection to resources. People just like you can play a powerful role in the midst of a crisis and support ministry on the front lines.