Current Deployments

Hurricane Dorian Relief – Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian has made a catastrophic Category 5 landfall in the Bahamas, turning the island into a disaster zone. A humanitarian crisis is unfolding as things are destabilizing. The people of the Bahamas need help NOW!

The focus of our deployment during the initial emergency phase will be on bringing life-saving resources like water filtration units, solar lights, emergency food, tarps, medicine, etc.

Deposit $350.00 + 150.00 deposit

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Puerto Rico – Wave 19

Families are still rebuilding after Hurricane Maria and Irma ravaged the island in 2017. The people of Puerto Rico desperately need your help to recover and rebuild their lives and homes. More than all, they need the love and hope of Jesus that you have!

Cost: $750 + Flights

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CRI is a recognized relief organization nationally, internationally and we deploy globally. We collaborate with first responders, emergency management, and governing bodies at local and federal levels. This gives us unique access to crisis events without compromising our mission of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Deploy With Us!

Do you want to volunteer as a relief worker in times of crisis? Do you want to join one of our national or international deployments? Let’s get started!

CRI trains, certifies and deploys everyday people like you to meet the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of those affected by a disaster, war, and crisis. We call our volunteers “Responders.”

As a CRI Responder and a follower of Jesus Christ, you can be part of the solution to the darkest situations around the world. Join over 10,000 other CRI Responders who have trained to meet urgent needs and share the love of God in crisis situations.

WE NEED YOU! However, due to liabilities, continuity of mission, and the safety of those we serve; CRI only deploys volunteers who have taken our Crisis Response Training and completed a background check.