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Do you want to volunteer with CRI on one of our deployments?

WE NEED YOU! However, due to liabilities, continuity of mission, and the safety of those we serve; CRI only deploys volunteers who have taken our Crisis Response Training and completed a background check. This can be completed at one of our live events, or online now in only 10 hours. We can also come train your entire church.

Where we are currenly deployed:


Tornadoes with winds of 165 miles-per-hour ripped across Tennessee early Tuesday, causing severe damage in Nashville, shredding buildings and killing at least 25 people.

We are on the ground with our mobile kitchen and relief trailer meeting urgent needs.

Nashville Tornado Relief & Deployment Info

Nashville Tornado Relief

CRI deployed and was on the ground within hours of the tornadoes destroying neighborhoods around Nashville, Tennessee. We served thousands of meals a day, helped countless homeowners, mobilized hundreds of volunteers and handed out thousands of dollars in gift cards. learn more of what we accomplished so far and watch our videos by clicking on “Relief Info” below.

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The Bahamas

Many Bahamian homes have been left severely damaged by the powerful storm surge. We have transitioned out of the response phase and into the rebuilding phase and rebuilding efforts. We have just received a grant for building materials to start rebuilding two homes on Grand Bahama Island in the West End.  We especially need carpenters, masons, electricians, plumbers as well as general labor to sign up now for this deployment. However, if you have a heart to minister to the people of the Bahamas and bring God’s love and comfort, we welcome you to join a team below.

I just returned after being there for a week, and I can tell you the Bahamas are on the verge of a great awakening. This deployment has marked me in an entirely different way than any other deployment in the past. The teams have seen many miracles of healing and several people being delivered from torment/fear and survivor's guilt, among many other things. Talk about growing in confidence in this area of ministry!!! God is pouring out His Spirit and moving powerfully!!! There is still so much to be done. God is calling forth and sending out a new breed of mercy missionaries to bring great demonstrations of His love and power in the midst of crisis. And YOU can do this! All you need is a passport, and God's love to go. The Bahamas still needs our help!

ColleenCRI Responder // Charlotte, N.C.

Bahamas Rebuilding Efforts and Upcoming Deployment Dates

Deployment Information Coming. Check Back Soon!

Puerto Rico

Families are still rebuilding after Hurricane Maria and Irma ravaged the island in 2017. The people of Puerto Rico desperately need your help to recover and rebuild their lives and homes. More than all, they need the love and hope of Jesus that you have!
CRI has been on the ground since the storms first hit and we want to see this island rebuild on the Kingdom of God. CRI deployment leaders, Erik and Tammy Hall, will lead you on a life-changing experience as you serve alongside the people of Puerto Rico.  See below for upcoming deployment.

Upcoming Deployment Dates to Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria // Wave 22

Puerto Rico // May 18 – 27

Trip Leader: Tammy & Erik Hall

Focus: The team will be doing street ministry and installing new tin roofs.

Cost:$1200 + $195.00 nonrefundable deposit

Includes: round-trip airfare missionary insurance, host ground transport, outreach expenses, meals and housing.

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Because the greatest crisis is someone slipping into eternity witout a relationship with Jesus.

Trips are more like conventional mission trips that are focused on supernatural ministry, power evangelism, ministry training conferences and evangelism campaigns rather than disaster response.

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CRI is a 501(c)3, charitable organization that mobilizes relief supplies and workers, mobile kitchens, medical personnel, chaplains, and clean-up teams to assist people who are suffering during disasters and crisis.

We train individuals and churches to meet the unique spiritual, physical, and emotional needs that arise in urgent times of crisis and disaster. After training, volunteers are screened, credentialed, and deployed to response operations around the world. We call our volunteers “Responders.”

We collaborate with first responders, emergency management, local, federal and international governments and churches worldwide in order to bring compassion and share God’s love with victims of crisis and disaster.

As a CRI Responder and a follower of Jesus Christ, you can be part of the solution by bringing God’s love and practical relief to the darkest situations around the world. Get involved today!