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Relief & Deployments

2023 Year in Review

Prayer Ministry Received
Meals Served
Volunteer Hours
Number of Salvations

Past Deployments

Clarksville, TN Tornado Response

16 Responders
Volunteer Hours
103 People Ministered To
27 Meals Served
22 Home Repaired

Maui Wildfire Response

24 Responders
Volunteer Hours
2,500 People Ministered To
70 Firemen Fed


Ukraine Relief – Wave 17

1008 Volunteer Hours
250 Salvations
20 Water Baptisms
1,000 Food/Hygiene Boxes Distributed
200 Bibles Distributed

Hurricane Idalia Relief

15 Responders
Volunteer Hours
Dozens Prayed For
2882 Hot Meals Served
9 Days of Work
Thousands of Resources & Supplies Distributed

Turkey Earthquake Relief

38 Responders
Erected 100+ tents
Built 15-20 temporary home structures
Distributed 3500+ boxes of food and hygiene products
Delivered 350 mattresses, pillows and sheet sets
1 Salvation


Arkansas Tornado Relief

17 Responders
Dozens Prayed For
801 Volunteer Hours
Days of Work
11 Homeowners Served

Ukraine War Relief

150 Salvations
600+ backpacks filled with children’s Christmas gifts
IFAKS (Individual First Aid Kits)
Emergency food, generators, heaters, warm clothing enough for 350 individuals


Hurricane Ian Relief

70 CRI Responders
5,180+ Volunteer Hours
12,746 Meals Served
Dozens of Salvations

Hurricane Dorian – Grand Bahama

450 Days of Work
5,400 Volunteer Hours

Ohatchee, AL Tornado 2021

420 Volunteer Hours
100 Meals Served
Homes served

Hurricane Sally Relief

1,224 Volunteer Hours
2,400 Meals Served
Homes gutted/tarped/chainsawed

Hurricane Laura Relief

4,572 Volunteer Hours
22,500 Meals Served
150,000 Pounds of Resources Distributed
40,000 Pounds of Ice Distributed
12 Homes gutted/tarped/chainsawed

Michigan Flood Relief

2,400 Volunteer Hours
2,290 Meals Served
13 Homes Cleaned Up

Cleveland Tornado Relief

2,640 Volunteer Hours
1,500 Meals Served
Homes Served

Nashville Tornado Relief

2,052 Volunteer hours
10,500 Meals served
300 Homes Served
5,000 N95 Masks donated

Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief

25,848 Volunteer Hours
65 Homes Served

Bahamas Hurricane Relief

7,056 Volunteer Hours
8 Homes Served

Alabama Tornado 2019

408 Volunteer Hours
8 Homes Served

Paradise Cal Fire Jan 2019

9,180 Volunteer Hours

Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria

24,576 Volunteer Hours
52 Homes Served

Hurricane Michael 2018

1,368 Volunteer Hours
36 Pallets of Water Distributed
1,875 Meals Served
5 Homes Served

Hurricane Irma Florida 2017

1,788 Volunteer Hours
15 Home Served
300 Meals Served

Texas Hurricane Harvey

7,188 Volunteer Hours
25 Homes Served
1,200 Meals Served

Deploy With Us!

Do you want to volunteer with CRI on one of our deployments?

WE NEED YOU! However, due to liabilities, continuity of mission, and the safety of those we serve; CRI only deploys volunteers who have taken our Crisis Response Training and completed a background check. This can be completed at one of our live events, or online now in only 10 hours. We can also come train your entire church.

CRI is a 501(c)3, charitable organization that mobilizes relief supplies and workers, mobile kitchens, medical personnel, chaplains, and clean-up teams to assist people who are suffering during disasters and crisis.

We train individuals and churches to meet the unique spiritual, physical, and emotional needs that arise in urgent times of crisis and disaster. After training, volunteers are screened, credentialed, and deployed to response operations around the world. We call our volunteers “Responders.”

We collaborate with first responders, emergency management, local, federal and international governments and churches worldwide in order to bring compassion and share God’s love with victims of crisis and disaster.

As a CRI Responder and a follower of Jesus Christ, you can be part of the solution by bringing God’s love and practical relief to the darkest situations around the world. Get involved today!