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Ukraine Disaster Relief Efforts Underway

By March 18, 2022Articles

Disaster Relief Responders Bringing Hope & Gospel Message Amidst War and Terror in Ukraine

(Blue Ridge, VA) Crisis Response International (CRI) announced March 4 that trained disaster relief responders are heading to the Ukraine border in Poland to bring urgent supplies, prayer, and counseling ministry to those fleeing the war in Ukraine.

“We train and we prepare our network of disaster relief responders to be ready, to be prepared for times like this and am thankful that our network of trained, volunteer responders are again stepping up to the occasion and serving those in crisis,” said Sean Malone, CRI Co-Founder.

Wave 1 of CRI’s responders were sent from JFK Airport in NY on March 4 and spend two weeks bringing urgent supplies to displaced refugees fleeing Ukraine into Poland and surrounding nations. Waves 2 – 4 will follow and serve for 10-15 day intervals. Wave 5-7 are now open and accepting trained relief workers.

Two-week intervals work best because of the stress and trauma workers experience on the mission field.

“We’re partnering with churches to provide a base for our teams to do what we do best – bring relief, supplies, prayer, counseling, and hope to those in desperate circumstances. We are going to be working out of two locations near the border of Ukraine and to the frontlines.

CRI focuses on meeting the unique spiritual, physical, and emotional needs that arise in disaster including mobilizing emergency relief supplies, volunteer workers, mobile kitchens, medical personnel, chaplains, and clean-up crews to assist people who are suffering in times of crisis and disaster. Ukraine will be no different.

As a non-profit, CRI looks to individuals, corporations, and foundations to support their work of disaster relief. “We are asking individuals and local communities here in the US to stand with us financially, in prayer, and in-kind donations.”

“Whether it’s man-made or natural disasters, we’re here to meet physical and spiritual needs in crisis, we won’t shrink back due to danger but will help those who need us and point them to Christ.”

Meanwhile, Trailblazers, CRI’s school is taking place at their Blue Ridge, VA location.

“Trailblazers is a critical component to train and equip believers for effective ministry in crisis and disaster situations. The harvest is truly plentiful, but we need laborers who are trained, prepared, and ready to bring the gospel into dark places. Trailblazers helps us get teams ready for situations like Ukraine.”

CRI also has teams heading out to do street ministry in Baltimore, and now Ukraine.

“It’s a busy season but we know and expect God to meet us and do amazing things.”

To learn more about how you can support the relief efforts visit: