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Tactical Defense Training + Operation Reboot

As you likely know, preparation is half the battle in disaster relief ministry. CRI’s Tactical Defense Training will train you to use a firearm responsibly and only when every other measure has been exhausted. You will learn how to act and make decisions under stress as you learn protocols and techniques of self-defense all while employing the highest standard of ethics and de-escalation methods. This is a basic level course and will consist of a combination of classroom, outdoor scenarios, and range-time. This course will be a prerequisite for intermediate and advanced courses in the future.


In addition to our Tactical Defense Training, Operation Reboot is August 1-6. We believe this will be a unique time to hear from the Lord individually and corporately as we regroup and get refocused for the days ahead. The days will consist of specific revitalization projects on the mission base, fun activities, worship, special speakers, and delicious meals together. Come expecting God to move in your life, at our base, and in our nation.

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