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Tactical Defense Training

Most assaults happen in environments and to people that lack lethal protection measures. With workplace violence, terrorism, civil unrest, and mass shootings on the rise learn how to defend yourself and the people you love in a worst-case scenario.

This Tactical Defense Training will train you to use a firearm responsibly and only when every other measure has been exhausted. You will learn how to act and make decisions under stress as you learn protocols and techniques of self-defense all while employing the highest standard of ethics and de-escalation methods. This is a basic level course and will consist of a combination of classroom, outdoor scenarios, and range-time. This course will be a prerequisite for intermediate and advanced courses in the future.

  • Conflict avoidance
  • Keeping teams safe
  • Fight or flight
  • Active Shooter Response
  • Become situationally aware
  • Learn how to assess threats
  • Activate rapid risk analysis
  • Platform & dignitary protection
  • Self-defense ethics
  • Fundamentals of firearms
  • Basic Firearms – Pistol 1

*Consider staying longer and joining us for Operation Reboot Aug, 1-6. It’s free and open to anyone.

The Tactical Defense Training event is open to CRI-trained Responders only. See other requirements on the registration page. This class is limited in size and preference will be given to those who desire to become part of our official security team. Attendees must have their own legal pistol, appropriate holster, and 150 rounds of ammunition. This course will also be a prerequisite for newly forming security teams for CRI events and deployments. 

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Glenn Smithson

Glenn Smithson

First and foremost, he carries the heart of a protector with the highest level of character and Christian ethics. He is proficient in Tactical Firearms Instructor 3, Tactical Pistol Operator, Vehicle Fighting Operator, Protecting At-Risk Personel, Firearm Compliance, Pastoral Protection, Low-light Operator, Force-on-Force, Active Shooter, Tactical Medical, Taser, Active Shooter for Schools, Precision Rifle, Crisis Casualty Care. He is a Former Certified NRA firearms instructor and Conceal Carry Weapons Instructor. He now regularly trains individuals in various self-defense and active shooter courses and has served over ten years as Security Officer for a large church organization in Kansas City (IHOP KC). Glenn resides in Kansas City, where he has dedicated his life to serving his family, missions, prayer, and the Body Of Christ.


Travis Damme

Travis Damme

Travis has been on staff at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City since 2004, serving as a multi-instrumentalist, sound engineer, security professional, a Chaplain to the Grandview police and fire departments, and a firearms instructor. Travis started taking defensive firearms training seriously in 2013 and became an NRA-certified instructor in 2016. He has a passion to train up good people in firearms competency and skill so that when evil decides to act, there will be a righteous resistance to it.



Jul 28 - 30 2022

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