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Disaster Response Update from Sean Malone

By February 19, 2022February 22nd, 2022Articles

Always in the Fight

How much does it take to get you out of the fight? You’ve had all of hell and the kitchen sink thrown at you, but you’re still standing.

Staying engaged in the battle and moving forward with God’s objectives and the Great Commission is not an option. It’s time to advance.

In this timely message from CRI Director, Sean Malone; urges us to keep moving forward, press in, and take some ground back from our adversary. This is especially timely for the CRI Disaster Response network of trained volunteers around the world.

Events at Crisis Response International

Events this week include week 7 of Trailblazers with special guest speaker Corey Stark of Ignite the Nations.

Week 8 of Trailblazers includes Justin Perry from Morningstar Ministries.

Quarter 2 of Trailblazers includes a trip to Colorado and Utah. Registration will be opening very soon so stay tuned.

Invitation to Partner

This month, will you consider sowing a gift to help propel CRI forward? We would love to keep the momentum going at the CRI Base as well as repair our deployment equipment for what w