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Our vision is to train a new breed of mercy missionary who are mobilized in the spirit of night and day prayer, release great demonstrations of power, reach the harvest in crisis, and rebuild cities on the Kingdom of God.

Do you want to help others when they need it the most?

Since 2007 we have been training individuals and churches to become relief workers and effectively meet the unique spiritual, physical, and emotional needs that arise in urgent times of crisis and disaster. After training, volunteers are screened, credentialed, and become eligible for deployment to relief operations around the world. Get trained to join our team!

CRI training is like no other. Regardless of how often you deploy with us, our training is designed to equip you to meet the urgent physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people affected by crisis and disaster through the power of the Holy Spirit.

All volunteers must complete either our  Crisis Response Training (available online or hosted at your church) or our highly hands-on live Boot Camp event as well as clear a background check before deployment.

Crisis Response Training is just the beginning! We have a variety of courses available in multiple formats for those interested in deepening their knowledge.

Attend or Host a Live Training Event

Throughout the year, we offer a variety of live training events.  To the right is a list of training events that are currently scheduled.

Host a one-day training at your church, which will introduce your church or missions program to this unique ministry opportunity when crisis strikes near your city.  More info about hosting Crisis Response Training in your city can be found here

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CRI Academy Online Training

CRI Academy is an extension of CRI Training.  We offer a variety of courses, which you can start and finish at your own pace in the comfort of your home, office or vacation spot!

Crisis Response Training Course 1 is the online course that is required to become a CRI Responder and deploy with CRI.  We also offer Chaplaincy courses that will meet some of the requirements to become a CRI Chaplain.  We also publish other enrichment courses.

Crisis Response Training Course 1
(Required to respond with CRI)

Crisis Response Training Course 1 is designed to impart the basic knowledge, values, and skills an individual needs to minister and meet the practical needs of others during times of crisis.  You will find excellent videos from first-class instructors, followed by short quizzes.  This course is designed to be completed at your own pace. Newly revised to be completed in 10-hours.

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First Response Chaplaincy

This unique advanced chaplaincy training is to equip you as a “first-boots on the ground” caregiver after any tragedy. You will gain practical techniques to better meet the spiritual and emotional needs of others struggling with periods of prolonged stress, economic burdens, and PTSD.

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Disaster Chaplaincy – Basic Course

This course is designed to equip you how to minister in the context of crisis, and start you on your way to becoming a CRI Chaplain, if you so choose. The course includes a simple introduction to chaplaincy and crisis ministry, training in emotional and spiritual first aid using CRI’s 7 step model, sessions on loss and grief, theology of suffering, self care, and the importance of preparing your own heart for this work.

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Advanced Chaplaincy

This course is designed to equip you with advanced skills for ministering in the context of crisis, and prepare you to advance within CRI’s Chaplaincy ranks if you so choose. The training material picks up where the Basic Chaplaincy course ends. You will find excellent videos from first-class instructors, followed by short quizzes to complete.

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