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The Day After

By September 12, 2023Ministry updates

By Sean Malone

On 9/12, I, like so many others, awoke to a nightmarish reality. The 11th was real.

Our world was suddenly bereft of husbands, wives, siblings, children, and parents. With heavy hearts, we embarked on a journey into a realm shrouded in pain and uncertainty. This agony would persist for days, weeks, and years to come, with moments filled with unbearable grief.

In the blink of an eye, our loved ones and some of New York’s finest First Responders were swallowed up by an unthinkable tragedy. Our lives, city, nation, and history had been irrevocably altered, yet the magnitude of the change was beyond our immediate grasp.

Just a day prior, a group of extraordinary individuals emerged. In the face of uncertainty, they cast a light on the enduring truth that courage can conquer fear even in the darkest of moments.

They answered the call with stunning determination, driven not by comfort or fear but by a deep understanding of the sacrifice required. They transcended their doubts to embrace the moment destiny had been preparing them for.

They Responded.

For some, this unwavering commitment exacted the ultimate price, leaving an indelible mark on our conscience. On 9/12, a monumental task lay ahead. Inspired by their selflessness, we searched, dug by hand amidst the raging fires and indescribable wreckage, and hoped for the best of possible outcomes.

We honor their legacy and those we lost, but we must never underestimate the inevitability of future trials of this proportion. We must prepare for the day when God summons us to rise again, for when another tragedy will demand our sacrifice for the sake of love and our unwavering convictions.


#NeverForget #PrepareToRise #CrisisResponse 🇺🇸

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