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Recovering Your Narrative

By August 17, 2021August 23rd, 2021Articles

In these videos, Sean Malone, Director of CRI shares about an exciting “God story” unfolding in this season for CRI and draws out key points for the viewer to get back to their own personal storyline. There is an impartation to shake off the heaviness of the past season and lean in for fresh vision and purpose.

Make sure to catch both Part 1 & 2.

Do you feel like you lost your sense of purpose amidst the last year’s trials? Could you use a little courage?

In early 2020, many Christians believed an awakening was beginning that would fill stadiums and trigger a billion soul harvest. Then suddenly, a demonic strategy was released upon the earth to divide, censor, and paralyze The Church in fear and uncertainty.

However, we know “the gates of hell shall not prevail.” Knowing the storyline that surrounds your calling is critical and the enemy will do anything to get you off track. Often, when we simply obey the things God has asked us to do, it seems to bring everything else into alignment again.

It’s time to regain your sense of mission and purpose. It’s time to come out of spiritual lockdown. It’s time to recover your narrative!

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