“Money Found” For 10,000 Tracks!!!

By December 28, 2010 Articles

We recently took a trip to Juarez, Mexico where the cartels have killed over 30,000 people in the last 4 years. It’s horrible and the light of God needs to be brought in..it’s now considered the most dangerous place on earth. While we there we heard an incredible story about a man who has a cart and stands on one of the streets selling food. One day, he was working at his cart when a man came and demanded food with his jacket open to show his gun.

The gunman was ranting on and on saying that if the food didn’t taste good he would kill him. The ‘food man’ then slipped the ‘gunman’ a Chick tract (a witnessing tool in cartoon form) to read while he prepared the food. The little tract that he randomly handed him happened to be named ‘The Gunman’. Once he finished reading it, he said, “I have a question for you, and if I don’t like the answer, you are dead.” Moving his jacket back to show his gun again he continued, “I have killed 14 people. Do you think that God can forgive me?”

The ‘food man’ replied, “The Father that you didn’t have is right here with you today and the Father loves you very much”.  He then hugged the “gunman” who started crying. The love of the Father overwhelmed him and he received Jesus as his personal Savior and gave his life to him. He cried for 20 minutes. He took his gun and threw it away. He told the man, “I am head chief of a sector of 15 sicarios (meaning  killers or gunmen), and I am going to bring them all to you so you can talk to them as you talked to me.”

We have been petitioned by the church in Juarez to get them more tracts and Spanish bibles for a mass evangelism effort. We went to our donor base and saw very little fruit. Our core team pitched in everything we could and we were still $600 short of our goal to buy the first 10,000 tracts. I felt a bit humiliated for going out on a limb once again. I asked the Lord where possibly the $600 would come from. Later that day someone from our training team called me up and said she had found something that belonged to CRI. She had found in a jacket pocket $600 that belonged to CRI from a year ago. The money had been misplaced but God put it in reserve! We are going to buy the first 10,000 tracks!!!

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