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It’s time to go all in!

By February 26, 2022Ministry updates

Message from CRI Founder, Sean Malone on February 25, 2022

CRI Co-Founder, Sean Malone discusses the times and seasons we are living in as the Church in America and the shakings, changes happening all around us. We need to know how to interpret the times and know what to do, based on an intimate, personal relationship with Jesus.

As the world shake including:

But there is hope amidst the crisis. Take a listen and be encouraged. CRI is once again on the frontlines of this crisis in Ukraine, as teams prep for a response. Teams of Responders are also heading to Baltimore for street ministry. Trailblazers Q2 is open for registration. Justin Perry from Morningstar with be with us next week. Hal Lindhardt the week after for evangelism training. Our Chaplaincy Intensive in March. In the midst of the shaking and the darkness, a wave of the Holy Spirit is moving – get ready for a harvest.

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