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Lahasha’s Safe House Testimony

By December 12, 2015Articles

Iraq-Safe-House-Christian-MinistryTestimonies from Our Work in Iraq

Safe House Ministry

16 year old “Lahasha’s” mom died when she was  born. She lived back and forth between 5 uncle’s homes along with their 40 children. When taken captive by ISIS, she was sold and imprisoned with several other girls in a single room. One of them had a cell phone and their guards were anxious to find it. For 2 days, she  used a bobby pin to dig out the grout around a floor tile where they hid the cell phone which eventually aided their rescue. Lahasha had loved school and speaks fluent Kurdish, Arabic and understood much English. She had learned to be a patient teacher with her 40 cousins. When staff at the CRI Safe House told her what a great help she was as a teacher and translator, her eyes lit up with awe and excitement that she was able to do such things! She has experienced  much trauma and grief, but has great potential for a bright future. After graduating this program, she now has the confidence to move forward with hope.

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