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Hope in the Storm: Living Fearless

By December 14, 2023Ministry updates

By Sean Malone

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In the face of uncertainty, Crisis Response International (CRI) is proud to introduce the “Fearless Shirt” in our online store. But it’s more than just apparel; it’s a symbol of our collective commitment to live fearlessly and fulfill our mission to reach the harvest in crisis and disaster. Let’s delve into why we created this shirt and the profound meaning it holds for CRI Responders.

**Living Fearlessly in Uncertain Times:**
In an era rife with challenges and fear, the question for CRI Responders becomes, “How do we live fearlessly?” We are, as described by our founder, end-time mercy missionaries to the theatre of crisis. Jesus Himself foretold a generation that would face unparalleled crisis and disaster in Matthew 24. Wars, rumors, famines, earthquakes, pestilence, lawlessness, great offense – these are the descriptors of the times we find ourselves in.

**The Great Commission Amidst Crisis:**
Despite the chaos, Jesus promised that amid these challenges, His followers would fulfill the Great Commission. In Matthew 24, we read about the birth pains of a new age, and through it all, the good news of heaven’s kingdom will be proclaimed globally. This is the heart of CRI’s mission – to anchor hope in the fact that, regardless of circumstances, fulfilling the Great Commission will happen in the context of crisis.

**Scripture Anchors Our Mission:**
Matthew 24 sets the stage for CRI’s mission. In verses 4-14, Jesus outlines the challenges we’ll face but assures us that through it all, the reality of God will be demonstrated. Our mission is to be a part of that demonstration, providing every nation with a glimpse of the Kingdom of God.

**CRI Responders: Following in Paul’s Fearless Footsteps:**
Our founder shares a personal experience of fear during the World Trade Center crisis. However, through the years, a deeper understanding of God’s calling has unfolded. Bringing the gospel into the hardest, darkest, and most dangerous situations, such as the front lines of Ukraine, showcases the transformative power of fearlessly sharing the message of Christ.

**The Cost of Living for the Gospel:**
The apostle Paul, an exemplary model for CRI Responders, faced numerous trials and uncertainties. From persecution and physical suffering to extensive travel and hardship, Paul’s life mirrored the challenges many of us encountered in our mission. Yet, his unwavering commitment is encapsulated in 2 Timothy 1:7 – a reminder that God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love, and a sound mind.

**The Apostles’ Fearless Journey:**
The apostles, too, faced persecution, imprisonment, and physical punishment. Their commitment to spreading the Gospel in the face of adversity played a crucial role in the establishment of Christianity. Their ultimate sacrifice in martyrdom stands as a testament to fearless devotion.

**Living Fearlessly: An Investment in Eternity:**
“Ignore the Self & Fear Nothing” is not just a saying; it’s a lifestyle. Drawing inspiration from Philippians 2:5-8, we emulate Christ’s selflessness. Acts 20:24, expressed by Paul, encapsulates the main point of living fearlessly – prioritizing one’s life for the mission and ministry, testifying to the gospel of God’s grace.

**Urgency in 2024: Operation Updraft:**
As we look ahead to 2024 and the unprecedented challenges it may bring, there is an urgency that CRI Responders do not shrink back. Operation Updraft signifies our commitment to train and mobilize 10,000 new responders in the next two years. The greatest crisis is someone slipping into eternity without God’s love, and living fearlessly for the gospel is an investment in eternity.

**Conclusion: Fear Not, Live Fearlessly:**
In conclusion, the call for CRI Responders is to live fearlessly, setting aside personal fears for the greater purpose of sharing God’s love in crisis. Hebrews 11:6 reminds us that it is impossible to please God without faith, and taking risks in the assignments given to us brings Him great pleasure. As we face challenges in 2024, we do it afraid, knowing that as CRI Responders, we are the fearless ones who will go anywhere, anytime for the sake of the gospel – to reach the harvest amid crisis and disaster.

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