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Hope in the Storm: Good Men Will Fall -Navigating the Journey of God’s Love

By December 14, 2023Articles

By Sean Malone

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Have you ever found yourself grappling with the assurance of God’s love? It’s not uncommon to question His unwavering affection in moments of uncertainty or fear. The lens through which we perceive God can sometimes be clouded by apprehension, especially when anticipating judgment amidst life’s storms. In Matthew 24, a sobering warning echoes: “The love of many will grow cold.” As the tapestry of events unfolds, our love for God and others may waver.

The Introspective Dream

Recently, a vivid dream left me pondering its meaning. In this dream, a line marked with pink spray paint transitioned to red, and a chilling declaration followed: “Good men will fall at the judgment.” Subsequently, I found myself in a mechanic shop, witnessing a mechanic submerged in a cake mold, batter covering him, emphasizing, “It’s baked into the cake.” Despite the intensity, the dream brought not only sobriety but also a profound closeness to Jesus.

Understanding God’s Love

Seeking the Lord’s interpretation, I initially questioned whether I was under His judgment. Seasons of silence or trials can lead us to view God through a lens of judgment. However, God is not vindictive; trials are opportunities for growth because of His deep love. Recalling a previous season of questioning, I strengthened myself in the Lord with daily affirmations: “He loves me,” “You never leave or forsake me,” and “Nothing can separate us from the love of God.” This practice transformed every aspect of my life, influencing prayer and dismantling doubts.

Revelation through Christmas Cards

Two days after the dream, while preparing Christmas cards, I felt compelled to include 1 John 4:9-10: “This is love: He loved us long before we loved him.” Further, verses 16 and 17 reveal a profound truth about fearlessly facing judgment through living in God’s love. The revelation became clear: those living in God’s love fearlessly face judgment. Pink in the dream, symbolizing love, transitioned to red, signifying a growth or transition into God’s love, reinforced by biblical references like Revelation 1:5.

The Mechanic in the Cake Mold

The mechanic encapsulated in a cake mold highlighted Jesus, the committed mechanic, aiding our journey and fixing brokenness within. His assertion, “I cannot let you get in the way,” mirrors our resistance to receiving God’s love. We can reject it, not just by refusing salvation but by questioning His love. Yet, His blood is more than sufficient. Maturity in His love is essential, as well as understanding His radical commitment, faithfulness in working on our hearts, and an earnest desire to send us transformed into the world.

Deeper Dive into 1 John 4

Taking a deeper dive into 1 John 4, the scriptures weave a profound transformation narrative. The journey unfolds through believing and receiving God’s love, leading to a fearless and confident anticipation of judgment. Key points include:

  • The testimony of Christ’s salvation.
  • Living in God’s love.
  • Bold confidence in God’s love.
  • Love casting out fear.

Gratitude and a reciprocal flow of love towards others culminate in the journey of love.


These scriptures underscore a transformative journey fueled by belief in God’s love and its active reception. The destination is a fearless anticipation of judgment grounded in the perfecting love of God. This journey transforms individuals into vessels of love, intricately connected to the source of all love. May you find encouragement in this journey, and may God’s love dwell richly within you.


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