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Greece Update

By January 12, 2016February 2nd, 2020Deployments & Trips


Greece Deployment Update

We had a chance to visit “the mound” of life jackets here at local dump today. As you stand above on hill, what you see is a sea of orange but if you look closer you can almost see a child here or a mother cradling her newborn or the elderly man coming to shore on the boat, sitting in his wheelchair. Yes, each of these orange vests represents a life and a story. A story of fear, of the unknown, of war and persecution. Where we might see a day on the water boating with friends, I see the looks in the eyes of the children or a mother with no idea of what the future holds. I am reminded of a passage in scripture where the disciples tell Jesus, “…we have left all to follow you”. Could you or I even comprehend what it means to “leave all?” These refugees have left all for a hope of a better tomorrow, a safer place to live but with no food, water, little if any money. They’re all is on their backs or in their arms. Could I do what they are doing based only on a hope?

We have “this hope” but ours is placed on the Person of Christ. We know what our future holds and where we are going. Pray for them that they find that the Hope is not found in a country or far away land but in a person, Jesus, the Way the Truth and the Life.

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