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By December 29, 2014February 2nd, 2020Ministry updates

Iraqi Kids

Amidst Iraq Crisis, Light is Dawning

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Christian Disaster Response Organization has been on the ground in Iraq for 9 months, says this is an opportunity to bring hope to residents.

(Kalak, Iraq) In the midst of intense persecution and ISIS terrorists death threats, an organization of committed missionaries are working diligently to be a tangible expression of Christ’s love.

“Despite the atrocities being committed by ISIS, Iraq represents an opportunity to bring the hope and love of God,” says Crisis Response International (CRI) Director Sean Malone.

Teams of CRI responders are committed to bringing a witness of God’s love in tangible ways providing food, shelter, and medical needs to hundreds in Iraq, daily. But most importantly, CRI is praying and bringing the peace of God into the hearts of hundreds of Iraq residents, desperate for answers.

CRI responders have been on the ground in Iraq for over 9 months after responding to the increasing crisis and displacement of over 1 million Syrian refugees back in late 2013.

“We already had teams on the ground and were positioned to respond to the thousands that needed us when the ISIS crisis broke out,” said Malone.

This vision and resolve is why the Christian organization is committed to ministering to the desperate situation in Iraq, when most other organizations have pulled out of the area or are still considering getting involved.

Since December of 2013 Crisis Response International has been laboring to support and reach the Syrian refugees and meeting their spiritual and physical needs. When the ISIS Crisis broke out, the ministry had an established base, teams on the ground and area expertise.

“The question of the hour isn’t if we should pull out, it’s how can we meet and respond in love and service to the overwhelming need that exists in Iraq since ISIS terrorists have displaced thousands,” said Malone.

For CRI, the ministry immediately responded by sending $50,000 worth of supplies to contribute to the aid efforts with 8 staff members on the ground in Iraq right now. But the need is truly huge and supports are needed, urgently.

“If you aren’t a trained responder through CRI you can partner with us financially and by sharing our news releases via email and social media. We need your help spreading the word that in the midst of this horrible tragedy,” said Malone.

“This is a great opportunity to bring hope to areas that are just devastated by crises” said Malone. “100% of donations go directly to the crisis supplying food, water, beds and medical clinics in Iraq.”

“Churches have closed, people are homeless sleeping in the streets. It’s one of the worst situations we’ve been involved with but now is when we’re needed most.”

For where sin abounds, grace does abound all the more.

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