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14 Waves of Christian Missionary Responders Bring Hope to Ukraine

Despite the dangers, Christian missionary group continues relief efforts crossing into Ukraine with help, supplies and most importantly the gospel

“We want to get the word of God into the hands of the people of Ukraine along with practical aid in food, clothing, supplies and chaplaincy counseling,” said Sean Malone, Director of Crisis Response International (CRI) in a recent video update for their network of 12,000 disaster relief missionaries.

Now organizing their 14th “wave” of responders into Ukraine, the ministry says they are in it for the long haul, as long as their supporters and responders keep partnering.

“The situation is dire, and the needs are real. Families have been torn apart. Businesses have been closed, homes have been lost. This is a crisis of epic proportions,” said Malone.

The ministry based in Blue Ridge, VA has designed a framework and process to plug trained workers into their work reaching people in crisis with the gospel and with practical help. Despite the dangers, the ministry’s network of responder continue signing up and obeying Jesus’s call to “go.”

“We love seeing ordinary people step out of their comfort zone and serve others in missions work. God shows up in amazing ways, and meets people right where they are at”

To continue building the pipeline of trained volunteers, CRI has made available their online training and in-person disaster relief training to mobilize as many volunteers as possible to aid in this effort in the Ukraine.

CRI’s relief work in Ukraine includes medical, orphan care, food pantry, supply distribution, ministry to widows and the elderly, prayer and worship, and rebuilding space and homes for those who’ve experienced loss.

“We’re here because we love God and want to share that love with others. We also want to give practical aid to those who are in need. We want to answer Jesus’ call to go into all the world with the gospel. Crisis provides an opportunity for people to hear and an openness to Christ,” said Sean Malone.

Now feeding over 400 people a day, along with hygiene, audio Bibles in Russian and Ukraine, CRI is putting action to their faith and calling believers every where to join them.

This obedience has positioned CRI responders in major disaster zones since 2007 including Hurricane Katrina, Iraq, Philippines, and more.

“We want to be in the right place at the right time,” said Malone. “It’s why we make prayer a central part of our work at our base in Blue Ridge, VA.”

For those who want to put their faith into action, the ministry has designed a number of ways to be involved in disaster relief missions and put faith into action including their training, mission’s base staff and volunteers, online training, and partnership opportunities.

About CRI
Founded in 2007, CRI has grown into a leader in Christian disaster response missions. Based in Blue Ridge, VA we train and mobilize thousands of volunteers a year who say “yes” to the call of God to “go” reach the harvest in crisis.