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ATS Extreme – Hostile Environments & Dangerous Destinations

Cost: $299  Includes Lodging & Meals
Check-In: Wednesday, September 28th, 3-5 PM
Check-Out: Sunday, October 2, 10 AM

Open to anyone 18 and above
Not required to be a CRI Responder

Nearest Airport: Roanoke*
Or fly into Charlotte, N.C. & rent a car
Nearest Train: Roanoke via Amtrak*
*(free shuttle to CRI Base from either)

*Suggestion: For those flying, you may want to try carpooling w/other Responders from Charlotte Airport for cheaper fares. 

Undoubtedly, planet earth is changing due to an unprecedented increase of good and evil.

In Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21, Jesus identified 22 unique dynamics and challenges that would come upon one single generation.

For the first time in history, most of these signs are increasing and making global headline news.

Jesus continues in Matthew 24:14, Yet through it all, the good news of heaven’s kingdom will be proclaimed all over the world, providing every nation with a demonstration of the reality of God…

Do you understand that the Great Commission will be fulfilled in the context of wars, famine, epidemics, seismic events, and catastrophic storms? Jesus warned that deception, lawlessness, and offense would be the prevailing nature of that hour. Persecution would increase, and men’s hearts would fail them for fear, and sadly, the love of many would grow cold.  

This means that one generation will simultaneously see the greatest revival and pressure in all history occurring on earth. These two great extremes will come together in one glorious yet challenging timeframe. This will be the context of the “Billion Soul Harvest”.

…but the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits. Dan 11:32

The A.T.S. Extreme (Advanced Training Summit) is designed to train you physically, spiritually, and emotionally for hostile environments and the dangerous destinations we now regularly face.

It is time to do what Jesus said in Matthew; Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Meaning, that no matter what comes our way or what station of life we have been appointed, there will be a courageous and victorious church that will advance the Kingdom, anytime, at any cost.


Who Should Come?

  • CRI Responders, International Travelers, Anti-Sex Trafficking Workers, First Responders, Refuge Place Leaders, Missionaries, Great Commission Christians, Bible Believers, Rescuers, Hiders & Movers (Those working with persecuted people groups and vulnerable populations), and anyone up for an epic challenge and adventure.

Training Includes:

  • Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) This will be an adaptation of the training program that prepares U.S. military personnel to return home safely from behind enemy lines. The curriculum includes survival skills, evading capture, and techniques for escape from captivity. S.E.R.E. Training will prepare you for travel to potentially dangerous parts of the globe and/or members of targeted populations; international travelers, disaster aid workers, or anyone wanting the test and adventure of a lifetime. You will acquire critical skills and craft for advancing the Gospel in hostile environments and dangerous destinations. This will be a physically and mentally challenging event. Come expecting the unexpected and to be pushed to your limits of comfort.
  • Tactical Trauma Response Training – Training and equipping for mass shootings, bomb blasts, and mass casualty events. Learn how to sustain life with primitive resources and gain confidence in knowing how to respond to these types of events.
  • The Victorious End-Time Church – Understand what Jesus said about a specific generation that will endure perplexing dynamics as the Great Commission is fulfilled with power and glory. We will look at biblical and current prophecy, where we are in the timeline, assess threats and promises, and how to respond. There will be times for corporate worship, personal ministry, and supernatural activation in your life.

Participants- Come flexible and expect the unexpected; understand that this event is designed to train you for “worse-case” situations in hostile environments. ATS Extreme will push you beyond your comfort zone. Components of S.E.R.E training involve enduring interrogation techniques, confinement, disorientation, resisting and escaping capture, survival scenarios, and exposure to the elements. The training course will have physical and psychological challenging circumstances with high-stress situations. Attendees must be in a stable emotional state.

Participants can choose what degree of training challenges they will be exposed to by choosing the reflective team during the registration process (see teams below).  You can do this. Come ready; choose bravely but wisely. 

  • Alpha Company = Bring it on!
  • Bravo Company = Stretch me…but not too far.
  • Charlie Company = I’m hesitant and limited, but don’t want to miss this event. 

Cadres & Instructors

U.S. NAVY SEAL / S.W.A.T. Operator


JUNE 2008 – MARCH 2012
Conduct tactical operations in urban and rural environments in austere conditions
Train in close quarters combat and small unit tactics
Maintain certifications and proficiency in multiple skillsets through continuing education and training
Coordinated the integration of joint military air operations requiring intensive communication and coordination with numerous specialized units as the platoon Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC)
Organized recurring training for group of 40 SEALs in the manual, explosive,
exothermic, mechanical and surreptitious methods of entry as Lead Breacher.

MARCH 2012 – MARCH 2015
Coordinate training venues for land, sea and air operations
Facilitate safe and effective training events
Identify marksmanship deficiencies and remediate using personal experience and learned techniques
Improve curriculum to reflect current tactics, techniques and procedures
Range safety officer for all demolition, weapons, close quarters combat and laser ranges
Teach students in a manner that improves learning and emphasizes safety

Enforce state laws and city ordinances related to keeping the peace
Respond to calls for service involving the preservation of life and property
Conduct investigations of various criminal and civil incidents
Collect and process evidence in relation to the investigatory process
Patrol area of responsibility with both directed and self-initiated patrols
Complete detailed reports of investigations both criminal and informational
Maintain equipment required to perform the duties of a Patrol Officer
Member of FCPS firearms team December 2019

M.S.U. Director, MorningStar Ministries

Justin Perry

Justin Perry is the Director of MorningStar University and a member of the Senior Leadership Team of MorningStar Ministries in Fort Mill, SC. After a dramatic salvation experience in 2000, Justin immediately began to experience and walk in supernatural ministry. Since that time he has been involved in equipping the Body of Christ in healing, evangelism, prophetic ministry, and supernatural theology. Justin has a vision for the church to know the Scriptures and the power of God. Whether training in the gifts of the Spirit or teaching Systematic Theology, he makes daunting and complicated issues inviting and accessible. Justin has seen multitudes equipped and released into their spiritual gifts both inside the church and out in the streets. He is the author of four books, including: Adventures in Dreaming: The Supernatural Nature of Dreams, and The Victorious End-Time Church: True Theology Vol. II and is the host of a weekly online show, Supernatural Theology. He and his wife, LeeAnna, have two sons and two daughters and live in Fort Mill, SC.
Police Officer / S.W.A.T. Operator


Joshua is currently a Police Officer with 15 years of experience. Before becoming an officer, Joshua served in the US Army as an Infantry Fireteam Leader. During his time in the service, Joshua was not only qualified in several areas related to direct and indirect combat operations but was also certified as a Combat Lifesaver and was further directly responsible for the health, welfare, combat readiness, and effectiveness of anywhere from 3-8 Infantrymen at any given time. Joshua has been deployed on several different CONUS (Contiguous United States) and OCONUS (Outside Contiguous United States) operations and received awards related to those operations as well.

Joshua became a Police Officer in 2008, first with the CU-Boulder Police Department (CUPD), then laterally transferred in 2012 to Fort Collins Police Services (FCPS). During his time at CUPD, Joshua became a CSOC (County Sheriffs of Colorado) certified firearms instructor. Joshua further certified as an instructor in the Center Axis Relock or “CAR” method of close-quarters gun battle. Through Joshua’s experience, he was further tasked with instructing “RED” (Rapid Emergency Deployment/Active Shooter) tactics at CUPD. Joshua's current assignments at FCPS include being a Patrol Supervisor, SWAT Operator, FTO, and Honor Guard. Within those capacities, Joshua continues to instruct and build officers in the areas of Active Shooter Response and Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), as well as general officer safety and tactics.

Joshua has been awarded the Medal of Merit and Distinguished Service Medal by FCPS for actions taken rendering aid to severely wounded individuals during high-risk calls. Joshua met Will while at FCPS and since then has assisted Will with instructing lifesaving medical treatment courses which have been taught to all personnel within the department as well as other outside agencies/entities. During his current service as a Police Officer, Joshua continues to educate both police personnel and personnel in the private sector in his areas of expertise.

Police Officer, EMT, Combat Medic

Will (Doc)

William is a current Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with over 17 years of experience, from both the military and civilian sectors. Will became an EMT in 2004 and later pursued further training as a Combat Medic in the US Army in 2005. From 2007 to 2008, Will was deployed to Iraq with the 101st Airborne Division as a Combat Medic attached to an Infantry line unit. Upon returning from and during his deployment, Will was awarded the Combat Medical Badge, 3 Army Commendation Medals, and 2 Army Achievement Medals for actions taken while treating wounded US soldiers. During his deployment, Will treated a variety of combat-related injuries, including but not limited to blast, concussion, gunshot, and shrapnel injuries as well as injuries sustained from direct and indirect engagements with insurgent forces.

In 2010, after separating from the US Army, Will became a Police Officer with the Fort Collins Police Services (FCPS). While with FCPS, Will developed and implemented several lifesaving medical treatment courses, including tourniquet and Combat Gauze usage and application, which have been taught to all personnel within the department as well as to other outside agencies. Due to Will’s exposure and experience overseas, Will was further tasked with the training and development of EMTs to be qualified as Tactical Emergency Medics (TEMS) attached to the SWAT and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Teams in the Northern Colorado Region.

Will is currently an instructor in CPR/AED and First Aid through the American Heart Association (AHA) and is also a Bleeding Control (BCON) instructor through the American College of Surgeons. Will has been awarded 6 Medals of Merit along with the Medal of Valor by FCPS for actions taken rendering aid to severely wounded individuals during high-risk calls as well as the Meritorious Service Ribbon by the Larimer County Sheriff's Office. Will is currently serving as a Police Officer for the City of Fort Collins where he continues to educate police officers, SWAT/EOD medics, and local school districts in his areas of expertise.

Former US Army Medical Service Corps Officer, Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, Deputy Commander

Mike Wyatt

Mike Wyatt is a retired US Army Medical Service Corps Officer. He served in Iraq in a MASH (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) as the Deputy Commander. In recent years he deployed to Haiti and Nepal immediately following the earthquakes. His years in the military, YWAM, and as a leader in ministry have positioned him well to serve CRI over the past 7 years as Deployment Director and Operations Director. Mike also has a passion for establishing a “Place of Refuge” in his local community.
Founder & Director, Crisis Response International

Sean Malone

Sean found a front row seat at Ground Zero after the 9/11 attacks. There he provided lighting for the search and rescue operations. This is where the seeds for being involved in crisis response work were planted. In 2007 he and his wife Laura officially launched Crisis Response International. Since then, CRI has trained thousands of responders to reach the harvest in the midst of crisis.

Limited event staff roles available. To join our team, email [email protected]

We look forward to you here at camp!

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Sep 28 2022 - Oct 02 2022


Check-In: 3PM - 5PM | Check-Out: 10AM
All Day

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