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In September 2022, Crisis Response International sent a team of responders to partner with Y Kyiv & Homes of Hope to build temporary houses for those displaced by war. The recipients of these structures were primarily elderly and/or widows, along with lower income couples living in outlying villages whose current homes were completely uninhabitable and, in many cases, nonexistent.

The overnight temperatures in and around Kyiv were already beginning to dip low in September so timing was key in order to help provide warm shelter. This team was the first to help with rebuilding efforts and over the course of about 10 days assisted with the construction of 10 homes. Each home cost about $6,500 and includes a stove and complete bathroom. Much personal ministry transpired and lives were forever changed and impacted by the love of Christ.

We are prayerfully considering deploying future waves to assist with additional relief projects and rebuilding efforts in early 2023.

CRI is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that mobilizes relief supplies, mobile kitchens, medical personnel, chaplains, and clean-up teams to assist people in the aftermath of crisis and disaster events. Support our work with a donation of any amount here. 

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These photos show the type of temporary homes our teams built.