Preparing Places of Refuge & Hope

April 30 - May 4, 2019

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Why this event?

All across the Body of Christ people are hearing the Lord’s call to prepare Places of Refuge in preparation for the coming days. The vision is described in several ways: cities of refuge, places of refuge or refuge places, but the one ingredient they have in common is a vision of caring for hurting people in times of crisis.

As the shakings increase in intensity and frequency, there will be many families displaced from their homes and on the move. These Refuge Places will be places of spiritual oasis for the displaced, loving hands of compassion for the broken, and will at times witness the supernatural provision and protection of the Lord.

They will differ in assignments, size, and location. Some will be located in rural areas with large tracts of land, others in suburban settings, and some in the very heart of a cities. The common bond these Refuge Places share, however, is caring for precious people in the hour of crisis, especially the least and the last.

Why rebuild cities?

Just as preparing places of refuge is a missional strategy so is rebuilding communities post-disaster; often these skill-sets and resources for both preparing before or rebuilding after overlap.

Introducing and sharing these skill sets with those post-crisis or in developing nations provides a way to practically demonstrate the love of God and offers a context in which discipleship can take place.

Jesus told us in Luke 21 and Matthew 24 that it would be in the context of famine, war, pestilence, and earthquakes that the gospel “would then go forth to every nation.” Do you have a strategy to be a part of reaching the harvest?

What can I expect?

Your days will begin and end in passionate worship and prayer. The seminar consists of classroom and hands-on training with plenty of time allotted for fellowship, meals, and networking with like-impassioned brothers and sisters.

Most importantly, we are confident that as a result of your participation, you will grow closer to God, obtain a critical Kingdom-building toolset to employ within your own community, and develop lifelong friendships.  

By faith Noah, being warned by God concerning events as yet unseen, in reverent fear constructed an ark for the saving of his household... Hebrews 11:7

Intensive Seminar Topics

What You'll Learn

  • Clean Water

  • Alternative Power

  • Animal Husbandry

  • Disaster Preparedness

  • At-Risk Communities

  • Establishing Disciple Making Communities

  • Moving People and Resources 

  • Preparing Places of Refuge

  • Rebuilding Communities

  • Security and Safety Issues

  • Establishing Disciple Making Communities

  • Discerning Times, Seasons and Dynamics of Crisis

  • Food Security

  • Personal, Community and Church Preparedness

  • Building Networks and Strategic Relationships

They shall build up the ancient ruins; they shall raise up the former devastations; they shall repair the ruined cities... Isaiah 61:4

Event Speakers

Who You'll Learn From

Sean Malone

Co-Founder, Director, Chairman

Sean found a front row seat at Ground Zero after the 9/11 attacks. There he provided lighting for the search and rescue operations. This is where the seeds for being involved in crisis response work were planted. In 2007 he and his wife Laura officially launched Crisis Response International. Since then, CRI has trained thousands of responders to reach the harvest in the midst of crisis.

Chuck Reber

Director of Prepare The Way Today Ministries

Chuck is Director of Prepare The Way Today Ministries. His ministry is focused on equipping the body of Christ to understand the times, and then develop practical strategies to respond to the coming events.

It’s a unique joining of prophetic ministry — analysis and projections of what is coming, coupled with the practical –how to prepare our homes and churches to reach the harvest in crisis.

In the past several years Chuck has given increased emphasis in his teaching, and consulting on the urgency of raising up refuge places as communities of hope in times of crisis, with an increased focus on the necessity of deep spiritual preparation.

Chuck has been a pastor for nearly forty years, serving with the SBC and in the Vineyard movement.  He has served on the board of directors of Crisis Response International and as a teacher on their national leadership training team.

Chuck and his wife, Linda, live in the foothills of West Virginia.

Erik Hall

Operations Coordinator of Over the Horizon

Erik Hall has a great passion to reach out to churches and communities to help them prepare for crisis before it comes—making them aware and vigilant through practical training in preparedness and the Christian response in times of crisis. With a background in construction, disaster relief, missions and training, Erik has a unique blend of qualifications to bring hope to individuals and communities.

With joy, Erik served many years as the Director of a prayer room in Virginia. He has also operated a place of sustainability and taught others what the Lord has revealed to him. In 2017, Erik was called to Indiana to serve as the Director of Hope Ranch building a place of refuge alongside a house of prayer. Currently, he is consulted by those God has called to build such places. Erik realizes the importance of prayer & following the Lord in building each place of refuge.

Erik is trained with Crisis Response International and has led several deployments. Today, Erik serves in the mission field full time with his wife and seven youngest children. He helps build places of refuge, makes disciples, and continues to reach out to those in need.

Important Information

Here's Where We Answer Your Questions


Location: CRI Mission Base, Training Camp & Conference Center

Address: 2494 Camp Jaycee Road, Blue Ridge, Virginia  24064

Date:  Tuesday, April 30 – Saturday, May 4, 2019

Shuttles: CRI shuttle available for $10 each way to and from Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport (ROA). You must a request ride, if needed, during registration.

Shuttle Times:

  • Tuesday, April 30, from 1:00 – 5:00 PM from (ROA) to the camp
  • Saturday, May 4, from 4:15 AM – 12 PM from the camp to (ROA)


Price includes all meals, lodging, training fees and background check fee. 

For those who would like to lodge offsite, you are more than welcome to do so but you are required to be present at the onset of each day’s activities and remain on the base for the course of each day until the final evening session concludes.  All meals are included with the cost of your registration.

  • Individual / per person – $395.00
  • Couples / per person – $375.00
  • Individuals & Couples who would like to lodge offsite / per person – $295.00
  • Youth [12-17] / per person – $99  (must be accompanied by adult at all times)

Once you arrive on Tuesday for registration, you are required to be onsite for the duration of the training. No alcohol or firearms are allowed.

Anything Else I Need to Know?

If you are interested in applying for Event Staff, please access this link to complete the Event Staff Application.   Feel free to email with questions.

Previously trained CRI responders who would like to volunteer as Event Staff – It would be great if you could  arrive one day early (Monday) for event set-up.  If this is not possible, Tuesday works as well.  We are planning a special time of dinner and fellowship with the Malone’s and CRI Staff Monday evening.  Registration will be open from 1-5:30 PM.  A CRI shuttle will be available for airport pick-up from Roanoke Airport that afternoon.  Event Staff limited to 20.

In Addition:  All are welcome! Please let us know if you have a disability or physical condition so we can best accommodate you.

For questions regarding this event, please email Val at or simply click "Register for Preparing Places of Refuge & Hope" below for more details.

Val CooperCRI Training Director

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