CRI Academy is the online extension of Crisis Response International’s certified and internationally recognized training program for both previously trained CRI Responders or new people who want to get trained and volunteer with CRI. Now with CRI Academy, you can bring our training program right into your home or office and complete it during hours that work with your schedule.

Our heart is to train and mobilize compassionate people just like you to disaster and crisis situations around the world. Whether you choose to deploy with CRI or take our training just for your own personal knowledge, we believe this training will equip you to meet the physical, practical and spiritual needs of anyone effected by natual disasters or crisis.

CRI Academy online courses are designed for individual use only. For information about use of CRI Academy in small groups please email [email protected]

We offer an array of online crisis response training in addition to our live events and basic online training  including basic and advanced chaplaincy training. Whether you want to “level up” in your offical credentials or just would like the training for your own knowledge; Simply choose a course, complete and you will receive a certificate of completion and remember you can work at your own pace!

Completion of Course 1 will make you eligble to deploy with CRI as a certified Responder (volunteer) and you will recieve your CRI Responder gear and credentials. We will also give you tools on how to fundraise and set up your own personal deployment account.

We offer several of the courses “bundled together” for a discount. Let’s say you are interested in chaplaincy but also want to get certified to volunteer with CRI then you want to choose the chaplaincy and Course 1 bundle to save.

Participation in CRI Academy requires watching videos, taking notes and completing questions to advance forward. You will need to watch all videos and answer all questions throughout each chapter and pass each quiz. Of course, the great benefit of being online is you can work through the course at your own pace!
At the end of each course, you will be asked to create your own personal responder profile in our Responder Level System (RLS)  or update your existing one. The RLS is designed to keep your credentials updated depending on your achievements on CRI Academy and live training events as well as deployments.
This will ensure you receive all CRI Responder benefits, CRI gear, deployment notifications and updated badges. See more about the Responder Level System and what training you need to take next at the CRI Responder Level System.


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For CRI Academy assistance please email [email protected]