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Many Christian organizations and congregations are filled with compassionate and skilled people who desire to make a difference in their community.  These folks also recognize that times of crisis present unique opportunities to be the salt and light to those in their midst.

Well-trained groups equipped to serve locally in times of crisis can make all the difference in the world and serve a VITAL role in the aftermath of tragic events.  But those who leave this sort of thing to the “first responder types” are left ill-equipped and unprepared.

“Where do we start and how can we help?” are questions we often hear.

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

CRI understands first-hand the challenges of proper training for volunteers, relief operations, logistics and community preparedness.  With this in mind, we have developed a series of in-depth training videos to better equip your group with the skills and tools necessary when that critical time comes.

With proper training and a little planning, your group can make a huge impact for the Kingdom of God and be part of His solution!

Get your group equipped with the knowledge needed to make a real difference of eternal significance!

Here’s how.

Host a Disaster Response Seminar in Your City

Now your organization/congregation can host a disaster response certification seminar to provide training and confidence to serve in the midst of disaster.  Imagine your church trained and ready to minister – better equipped to respond through the power of the Holy Spirit in that crucial hour.  

This interactive, video-based seminar is taught by our expert trainers. The series includes topics such as Spiritual and Emotional Care, Disaster Chaplaincy, Crisis Evangelism, Disaster First-Aid, Scene-Safety, Church and Community Preparedness, Crisis Ministry Tools, Preparing a Place of Refuge, hands-on exercises and more!

Our team will be happy to assist you to form a response team and/or equip your church building (or similar) to be a relief center during disasters. For questions please email or simply request a seminar below.

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Become a Partner Organization / Congregation

During the early stages of a deployment, CRI seeks to partner with a local organization/congregation on the ground in the affected area.  We need a facility from which run our operations, coordinate assistance efforts, and house responders.

There are some challenges to running relief operations but this is what we do.

Our goal is to reach those in need as soon as possible and meet basic urgent needs, minister to the hurting and connect them to local congregations in the hopes that the affected community will rebuild and end up stronger than ever.

Each deployment is unique and things never quite look the same.  The Lord always opens creative avenues for us to serve.  At times, we are blessed with abundant provision and become a point of distribution, at others, we set up our mobile kitchen from which to cook and serve food.  At other times we find that our need is to stage tools and supplies for the work we may do (example – limb cutting or mucking out homes).  In whatever we do, we become a vital link to meeting some of the needs of your community.

We would love to help your group be a bright light in dark times and help lay a strong foundation for long term recovery. Partner with us to reach your community.  Let us show you how.

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