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The Send

By February 26, 2019February 27th, 2019Ministry updates

One of our favorite images that emerged from “The Send” event this past Saturday was of Loren and Darlene Cunningham – Founders of YWAM.

59,000 gathered in Camping World Stadium for the purpose of a fresh wave of evangelism and missions in the earth.

One of our favorite images that emerged from “The Send” event this past Saturday was of Loren and Darlene Cunningham – Founders of YWAM.

In 1960 Loren received a call from God to raise up a new type of missionary. In a vision, Loren saw waves of young people getting trained and going to every nation on earth with the gospel. Loren and Darlene started Youth with a Mission.

In those days if you wanted to serve on the missions field, you had to attend seminary and wait years for a mission board to approve you and even then it was uncommon for young people to travel internationally.

In 1977 they bought an old hotel in Kona, Hawaii and started the University of the Nations. As of today, Loren and Darlene and the YWAM family are the largest missionary sending entity in the world with 15,000 full-time missionaries, training nearly 25,000 short-term missionaries per-year.

In 2005, Laura and I (Sean) had the privilege of attending a Discipleship Training School that Loren and Darlene personally led. It was a very unique opportunity. We called that time, “how to pioneer a missions movement 101.” We knew we were being equipped for some sort of pioneering work.

Shortly after, the Lord moved us to New Orleans right before Hurricane Katrina hit. We ended up doing relief and saw a tremendous outbreak of God’s power. We saw incredible fruit in the midst of so much devastation and desperation. It ruined us to do missions and evangelism any other way.

In 2006, during a time of worship, suddenly the room disappeared and I saw a vision of a mountain. It reminded me of the “7 Mountains” (religion, family, education, business, government, media, arts and entertainment). We know as Christians we have to influence these main spheres of society if we want to see reformation.

In this vision I was seeing a mountain that was larger than the other 7 Mountains. It was the mountain of “disaster relief.” It touched every other sphere of society. Meaning when a disaster strikes it affects everyone and everything, usually all at once.

I knew that out of intimacy; we could have the right people in the right place at the right time even before disasters took place and we could take back the mountain of disaster relief and impact every sphere of society because of it.

The only problem was that there were secular institutions and organizations that occupied the high place on the mountain. They had a “form of Godliness”, but lacked God’s power. We had to take this mountain back for God!

I was stunned by the vision and stood there weeping. A man walked up to me that I had never met and whispered in my ear…”The Lord says, “if you want the mountain, then go take it.” We have not looked back since!

Matthew 24, Luke 21 and Mark 13 all speak of the hour when the “Great Commission” will be fulfilled. Meaning that the gospel will go forth into every nation. It explicitly says that it will be in a time when crisis and disaster cover the earth.

If we really believe the Great Commission will be fulfilled in our day, then this means we must train people for missions and evangelism for the unique dynamics that it will be fulfilled in. We also must refrain from the sin in our thinking that it’s someone else job to be out there fulfilling it. Jesus commissioned us all.

Most think disaster relief is the responsibility of the government. Many Christians end up volunteering with organizations that make no room for the Holy Spirit or the preaching of the gospel.

In 2007, Laura and I launched Crisis Response International. Our vision is to train and mobilize a new type of mercy missionary, the Crisis Response Missionary, mobilized in the spirit of night and day prayer releasing great demonstrations of power and rebuilding cities on the Kingdom of God.

2017 was the costliest year on record regarding disaster damage. With disaster and crisis breaking all historic levels in scale and scope, it has become a mission field unto itself but it requires unique training to be effective and safe.

Do you have a heart to take this mountain, this mission field with us?

Laura and I invite you to join us as at CRI’s new 85-acre mission base in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. This will be a training center to equip Crisis Response Missionaries as well as tens of thousands of short-term relief workers called CRI Responders to respond to crisis and reach the harvest.

There is an opportunity to join our missionary staff, volunteer at the base, attend a missions school or a spring training event (see below). If you want more information about CRI or want to start a discussion on where you might fit in. Send us an email at [email protected].


Warm regards,

Sean & Laura Malone – CRI Founders


Upcoming Events @ The CRI Mission Base

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