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Spiritual Breakthroughs Because of ISIS

By December 15, 2015February 2nd, 2020Ministry updates

refugee-crisis-europeSpiritual Breakthroughs Because of ISIS

The CRI Deployment team leader sent us this encouraging news from on the ground in Lesvos, Greece.

Excerpted from Global Prayer Digest

by JS

God is at work! Tent churches are springing up everywhere. Singing draws in the hesitant and the curious. Sometimes the meetings last until 4:00 A.M. Where is this amazing revival taking place? Right in the middle of the refugee camps in Syria, Iraq, Jordan—wherever ISIS has forced the people to take refuge to escape its brutal and indiscriminate slaughter! What is drawing them to Jesus in unprecedented numbers? It is love. These refugees have never experienced such love. All they have known is the rote recitation of prayers five times a day to an impersonal god. When they hear of a God of love, hope, and forgiveness, it wins their hearts. When they see this love in action by indigenous Christian aid workers who bring water, food, clothing, and medicine to meet their needs, they are overwhelmed. But the real clincher for those who read is when they are given a Bible and actually read Jesus’ words for themselves.

One Christian worker said, “The greatest challenge in the ministry now is not whether these people will accept Christ or not. It is how and when we will reach all those people with the message of salvation… .”

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