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Hurricane Irma

By September 11, 2017February 2nd, 2020Deployments & Trips

It’s hard to believe another devastating disaster is happening so soon after Hurricane Harvey, but Hurricane Irma has struck the west coast of Florida. Making landfall in the keys and again in Naples, Florida.

As a result, CRI has mobilized volunteers and supplies as well as a new mobile kitchen to feed affected families.

Can you imagine losing your home and all of your possessions and not knowing when or how you’ll feed your family their next meal? Temperatures are sweltering; resources are few.

With the generous help of CRI partners, we can respond. Together we can make this incredibly challenging time easier by providing urgently needed relief, hot meals, and assistance to homeowners with clean-up. Also, we provide spiritual and emotional support for these amazing people who’ve lost so much.

I know we are all stretched thin, as is our nation. FEMA is spending 9 million dollars an hour right now, and the largest evacuation in U.S. history is underway, but together we can answer the call to uplift and support our fellow Americans.

Thank you for rising to the call with us and responding by volunteering and giving at this critical time.

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