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Safe House Testimonies

By December 11, 2015Articles


Safe House Testimonies

15 year old “Lanaj”

15 year old “Lanaj” was in her Northern village of Sinjar when ISIS attacked. As her family was being torn apart, her father told her to act as if she were insane. For 10 months, she refused to wash her hair, pulling in over her face and playing with it all day long. She was set apart with others with various disabilities. ISIS knew that some of them were faking mental or physical disabilities, watching and testing them. With a couple other women, one night she escaped and walked for hours with a family member on a cell phone guiding them away from ISIS checkpoints. With big smiles, songs, cake and presents, we celebrated her 16th birthday together at the CRI Safe House. After enduring a year torn from her home and family, this incredibly brave, strong and smart girl left the program full of joy, confidence and a hope for a prosperous future.

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