Start a Response Team or Prepare a Place of Refuge.

When Crisis Response International deploys, we always try to partner with local churches on the ground in the communities that are impacted by crisis and disaster. We work to meet basic needs, reach the harvest in crisis, rebuild communities and plug disaster victims into a local church.

We know that church congregations have a vision to become a place of refuge during times of difficulty or to send relief teams out when disaster strikes but may not know where to start. We understand the challenges of relief operations, logistics, and community preparation. Local churches can play a crucial role in the immediate response and long-term recovery with just a little training and planning. Together we can make a great impact for the Kingdom of God.

Prepare – Train – Deploy from Crisis Response International on Vimeo.

Get Your Church Activated

We want to help you become a “Refuge and Response Church” by preparing your team and facility for times of crisis help and forming a response team that can deploy with CRI in times of disaster. Engage your church in making a difference in crisis around the world without having to carry the heavy logistical load or simply be ready to open your doors when disaster strikes close to home.


Become a Refuge and Response Church

A “Refuge and Response Church” is a partner church who opens their doors for us to run our relief operations and establish a “Base Camp” in times of crisis and disaster. Our base camp could include  becoming a point of distribution, setting up cooking stations, housing volunteers, storing equipment and being a vital link to the needs of the community affected by the disaster.

Start a Response Team

This is a group of your local congregation who have been through Crisis Response Training and are ready and willing to deploy locally, nationally or internationally to work with CRI on one of our deployments.

Here is what you need to do

  • Become a Refuge and Response Church
  • Get your people trained to become a CRI Response Team

CRI does not deploy untrained people to any crisis or disaster situation. It is important that volunteers know how to properly meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those affected in crisis. Also for the volunteer to understand proper debriefing and self-care techniques. CRI training includes: Spiritual and Emotional Care, Chaplaincy, Crisis First-Aid, Scene-Safety, Deployment Protocol, Church and Community Preparedness, Crisis Ministry Tools and much more.

Ways to get your church trained

Gather a group from your church and send them to one of our national live CRI Basic Crisis Response Training (CRT) events. Consider hosting a Crisis Response Training at your church or  have members take “Course 1” online at CRI Academy. We offer group rates for churches who want to partner with us. In the case of large-scale, national disaster, we sometimes hold rapid training events on-site simultaneously with our relief operations to keep a steady flow of local volunteers.

Special Pricing

We offer special pricing for churches who send groups from their congregation to be trained, with price breaks at 5 or 10 people. Email [email protected].

How to become a Refuge Church

Read the CRI Statement of Faith and Complete A Refuge Church Application Request.
CRI Statement of Faith

Important Things To Consider

Refuge Church Facility Requirements

A certain degree of planning before disasters arise is a must, and will make all the difference. We know that crisis and disaster are never convenient, and DO cause disruption of normal routines and day to day operations. How would your church respond to the following questions?

Sleeping Quarters

  • What is our strategy to house responders?
  • Do we have separate sleeping quarters for men and women?
  • How many can we house?

Kitchen Facilities (if available)

  • How can we utilize the kitchen to prepare meals for responders?
  • If no kitchen, then, what alternative method to provide meal?

Bathroom Facilities & Showers (if available)

  • How can we make sure these facilities are ready to meet the demands of the responders who will be staying?

Parking Areas

Do we have a parking plan that will accommodate the following items :

  • Crisis Response Unit – Truck and 24 foot trailer
  • Shower trailer, if showers are not available inside church
  • Mobile kitchen, if kitchen is not available inside church
  • Additional pickup trucks and other vehicles
  • What is our parking plan for responders?

Refuge Church Application