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Get Preparedness Training

Featured Resource: Preparedness Peace
Six session, small group basic disaster preparedness course designed to build a foundation for a lifestyle of preparedness.

To schedule a one- or two-day preparedness seminar, or to find out about one in your area, contact Chuck Reber [email protected].

Preparedness Documents

Four Phases of Disaster Relief
How do I protect my long term food storage?
The Difference Between MRE’s, Freeze-dried, and Dehydrated Foods

Preparedness Gear

Over The Edge Gear
Aquamira water filtration, emergency kits, emergency meals, shelter-in-place supplies.

Food, Water and Storage
A division of Walton Foods, they carry a huge variety of food and storage products. Also carry water barrels reasonably priced. Shipping costs depend on weight.

Kirkland Family Foods
Supplier of long-term foods and bulk grains.
Loaded with preparedness information as well as supplies. An excellent free guidebook on preparedness may be downloaded from their website.

Pleasant Hill Grain
Carry grains and a large variety of kitchen equipment, water purifiers,etc.
Website for emergency essentials. Contains great recipes for using stored foods, as well as a large variety of reasonably priced products. Monthly catalogs available by request at 1-800-999-1863.

Search “emergency” for wide variety of emergency preparedness items.

Recommended Sources for Non-Hybrid Seeds

Morgan Country Seeds
A Mennonite store in Barnett, Missouri. Call 573-378-2655 to request a catalog. Reasonably priced seeds and large variety of gardening products.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Carry an overwhelming variety of non-hybrid seeds. Located in Mansfield, Missouri. Request a free catalog 417-924-8917. Open M-F. Closed most weekends.

Stay Informed

Department of Homeland Security
Disaster News Network
Crisis Response Journal
Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System
National Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD)
Mass Casualty Event Preparedness and Response

Helpful Links & Resource Directories

Resources from Chuck Reber and Shiloh House of Prayer