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mozambique_floodingThousands Impacted by Ongoing Crisis in Mozambique, at least 139 cases of Cholera identified

In the aftermath of Cyclone Idai that ravaged Mozambique two weeks ago, the country is now facing a new threat – the outbreak of Cholera, a disease that spreads from contaminated water and is known for causing acute diarrhea and dehydration. Already 139 cases have been identified in individuals in Mozambique, as conditions worsen in the area. Left untreated the disease is considered deadly. Over 700 people were killed from the cyclone, thousands lost their homes and belongings, and entire communities and their sanitation systems were wiped out, resulting in the current crisis of sanitation and pollution impacted thousands of people.

According to officials on the ground, impacted communities are relying on polluted water, as flooding and poor sanitation is causing ongoing crisis in the land, and is a breeding ground for diseases like Cholera. reports, “The scale of extreme damage will likely lead to a dramatic increase of waterborne diseases, skin infections, respiratory tract infections and malaria in the coming days and weeks,” said Gert Verdonck, WHO’s emergency coordinator in Beira.”

The storm wiped out sanitation systems throughout Mozambique, leaving 1.8 million residents at risk from water-borne diseases. To combat the spread of cholera, the World Health Organization sent 900,000 cholera vaccines to the country, AP reported.