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Let’s face it. Most donors don’t want their donations to go towards administrative overhead. But it takes organization, management, and coordination to manage a disaster relief and mercy missions operation like CRI. We all know non-profits are not magically funded, utility companies don’t give us free services, airlines don’t fly us for free, and the government does not pay us for our work. We have daily expenses to operate a growing ministry like ours. Like you, we want more of every dollar that comes into our ministry to go directly to crisis situations. That’s why we formed The Trust.

The Trust is a group of dedicated partners who understand what it takes to run a world-class Christian relief and missions organization and they work together to combine the strength of their committed regular giving to maximize their impact and fuel CRI. With monthly giving they fund our administrative operations so we can put more of every dollar raised to those suffering.

I want to invite you to consider CRI as a part of your regular giving. Our Trust Partners are men, women, churches, and businesses who understand that CRI has overhead – expenses like insurance, staff salaries, vehicle maintenance, and now an 85-acre and 21-structure mission base.

When people like you commit to regular support for operations funding, it brings strength and stability to our organization, and we can stay focused on our mission to train and mobilize multitudes to reach those in crisis and disaster with the hope of Jesus Christ.

Learn more or join our circle of trust now: