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Maui Wildfire Relief

Urgent Appeal: Extending a Helping Hand to Stricken Maui

Heartrending Update:

The inferno, ignited by Hurricane Dora’s winds and fueled by parched vegetation from an ongoing drought, has caused extensive devastation. The death toll stands at 115 and 66 people are still missing. This makes the disaster Hawaii’s deadliest since its statehood in 1959.

Communities Ravaged:

Over 1,700 structures have been obliterated, and the once-vibrant Lahaina town has been leveled to ashes. Thousands of people are now without homes, families are displaced, and grief overshadows hope.

CRI’s Compassionate Response:

CRI Responders on the Ground:

Crisis Response International’s (CRI) dedicated Responders have been on the scene, actively assessing the situation and offering much-needed assistance to those in shelters. Our base camp is next to the main shelter site. We have also partnered with YWAM and YWAM Ships to bring relief and aid.

Our Chaplains have helped to debrief those impacted by trauma from this tragedy. We have distributed toys and games to children, and provided haircuts for families, to provide a semblance of normalcy. We provided breakfast to the heroic firemen who worked tirelessly to fight the fires. Finally, we gave away $6000 of air purifiers, as well as other urgent resources like solar chargers.

We have now completed the “response” phase of our deployment. In the coming weeks we will deploy a new team of CRI responders for the “recovery” phase of our relief efforts.

Stepping Up for Healing:

The true toll of this catastrophe will be felt for many years to come. People are grappling with severe trauma, and more CRI Chaplains are needed to provide crucial emotional support.

Answering the Medical Call:

With burn victims overwhelming the medical facilities, we need medical staff to join the ranks and provide essential care.

Maui Needs You:

Hawaii needs you! Be a ray of light in this darkest hour. Your involvement can bring solace, support, and the love of God to those whose lives have been shattered.

Take Action Now:

Whether by signing up for deployment or donating, your contribution matters. Join us in restoring hope and offering comfort to the people of Maui.

Deployment Information:

We are asking CRI Responders to be prepared to apply as soon as we open registration for the “recovery” phase of our response. As always, we ask that responders await confirmation and timing from our deployment department before making travel plans. We are asking responders to bring powdered electrolytes, sunscreen, protein bars or beef jerky, and other snacks. Please check Hawaii Agricultural Department guidelines for permissible items.

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