Mozambique Cyclone Relief Deployment

Mozambique needs you NOW!

Mozambique was hit by two violent cyclones this month killing over 1,200 people. Cyclone Idai flattened the densely populated central coast while Cyclone Kenneth barreled over the less populated northern coast. It is the first time on record that two such powerful cyclones have hit Mozambique just weeks apart.

CRI is mobilizing Responder Teams now to deploy into Mozambique to bring humanitarian assistance, the Love of Jesus and the Gospel to those affected by this terrible disaster.  Our response teams will be ministering to families who have lost their homes, livelihoods and their loved ones. We will be ministering to hundreds of traumatized children. Our relief efforts will be focused on putting roofs on schools for children who are now in the rainy season. $1600.00 provides a new roof for a school made up of 3-4 villages.


Make a difference now by making a donation! Your gift will go directly towards the purchase and distribution of emergency relief supplies, food, water, water filters, temporary roofs, and other urgently needed resources. $1600.00 provides a new roof for a school.

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Responders are needed! 

If you are a trained responder, you can register for one of the two currently planned trips. Responders will gather at the CRI Base in Blue Ridge, VA for pre-trip briefing and preparation and will depart for deployment and return to the base for post-trip debriefing. Simply register below, then our deployment department will contact you to assist in all your travel arrangements. Do not purchase any airlines tickets on your own. 

*Wave 1: June 3rd – June 19th

***Trip dates will vary slightly as group travel arrangments are made.


The total cost to deploy is $3,200.00 $2,850.00 per person. 

A $1,600.00 deposit needs to be paid at the time of registration and no later than 10 am, May 24th. You will be notified if you have been approved for this deployment. Upon approval, CRI will purchase plane tickets on your behalf. In the event that you are not approved, you will be refunded your deposit less the transaction fees. Once you register, you are welcome to fundraise for the amount of your deployment fee. (Watch CRI Responder Fundraising Video.)

Your deployment fee covers your airfare, meals, lodging, missionary insurance, ground transportation, and other miscellaneous ground fees.

You must have a current passport and your passport must have at least 6 months before expiration from the date you leave the United States.


Flight Information

All flights and trip transportation will be arranged by the CRI Deployment Coordinator. You will begin your trip at the CRI Mission Base at 2494 Jaycee Road, Blue Ridge, Virginia 24064, where we will conduct a pre-deployment briefing and preparedness session. Upon completion of your deployment, you will return to the CRI Missions base for a one-day debrief with your team. (Note: Responders are responsible for their own transportation to and from the CRI Mission Base in Virginia) Please DO NOT arrange any other transportation until your deployment application has been approved by the CRI Deployment Director.

We will be meeting at the missions base on June 3rd, and flying out of JFK International on June 4th. We will be returning on June 19th.


Thank you for deploying with us!

Please email, if you have any questions.