Deploy With CRI

There is no place where light is needed more than in the darkness and there is no place where hearts are more open to the Lord than in the midst of disaster and crisis. In times of disaster, war and crisis people are desperate for answers like no other time. As a trained responder with CRI and a follower of Jesus Christ, you are a part of the solution and answer in the deepest darkness.

CRI provides a model and framework for responding to disaster situations and delivering resources to areas that would otherwise be off-limits to volunteers. Our specialized training avoids what the government calls “the second disaster” which refers to the chaos that often ensues when spontaneous resources and untrained volunteers arrive on the scene. We are able to manage operations, resources and personnel on the ground in order to carry out various tasks and providing services that assist victims of disaster and crisis.

Over 5000 trained responders are on call if and when disaster strikes. We’d love to have you join our team and together reach the harvest in crisis. If you’ve already been through one of our certified trainings, you need to fill out either our domestic deployment or international deployment application.

If you haven’t trained with us yet we have launched and CRI Academy, an online training platform for responders around the world. Thank you for your interest and for working with us to reach the harvest in crisis.


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