Responder Testimonials

Below you will find a number of testimonials from different CRI responders and trainees. These come from people in so many different areas of our organization. They represent so many different origins, and CRI has changed all of them. If you have a testimony, we’d love to hear it! Please visit us at our contact page and fill out the form there. Let us know how CRI has affected you! We absolutely love hearing how our organization has helped you, whether you are a responder, crisis victim, or just an onlooker that we inspire! Hearing from people is so encouraging to us, and allows us to keep doing what we do every day.

My time with CRI was absolutely, hands-down the best experience I’ve ever had! Being able to serve the people who were affected by the fires in Paradise was such an honor. I met so many kind, hopeful people who are not only surviving, but thriving, despite their personal losses. I have no doubt that they will rebuild their lives and then go on to make a difference for others in the future. It was such an honor to hear their stories, give them a hug, help them find items they needed, and pray for them.

The most surprising part of my deployment was how much I personally received. There were immediate connections with other responders I met, and the way they showed love towards each other, and towards me, was extraordinary. As I reflected on my time and described the CRI Family to a friend, she surmised that it sounded much like the early church. I believe she was exactly right! If we could only love on one another that way wherever we are, and all join together with a common cause to show the love of Christ to people who are hurting, what a better world we would live in. The focus of the leadership on Jesus and on following the lead of the Holy Spirit in every decision, made for an incredible deployment. I feel beyond blessed to have been led to CRI, and to have new family to share my life with.

KeciaRichmond, VA

I thought I was coming to Texas to help with relief efforts, but in reality, God brought me to Texas to heal my heart and set me free, so I could, in turn, give it away to others. I could write an entire novel on what the Lord has done in my heart the last eight days, but words could never do it all justice. I love Crisis Response International because it’s not JUST relief effort, but it’s a spiritual relief/release first and foremost. We are here to serve those in the community, but we can’t give something away we don’t have.
Part of CRI is creating an atmosphere of prayer and worship everywhere God leads us. Prayer and worship invite Him to break into every situation we are placed in, and nothing is too hard for the Lord. He loves to partner with yielded hearts!!! He has done so much for the people of Texas through this tragedy, and it’s been awesome to see His transformation power at work here! It’s an absolute honor and privilege to be part of this team and what God is doing in the earth this season


CRI certification classes completely turned our world upside down, and changed all of our thoughts. We now feel an urgency for others to wake up from their complacency and indifference. So, my first encouragement would be for others to take this class and learn to open their minds, to grapple with Scriptures, to search out and seek the Truth. Then, thanks be to the CRI staff and volunteers, who unselfishly have devoted themselves to teaching others how to show God’s love to those in desperate need. In this fast and furious training session, I was scared, excited, nervous, and filled with anticipation and exhilaration. I was swept away by the realization of God’s relentless love for us! I was bound together with all the others who attended, with no walls up because of different denominations or ways of worshiping… we were like-minded because of the Holy Spirit’s work in us, and it was an example to me of how our Christian lives should be… no judgments from each other, no one trying to act superior because they were perhaps a pastor or elder, no feelings of trying to be accepted… we were all just regular people, learning how to hear God and practicing to use the gifts that He has given us.


Not only did I learn disaster relief skills, I learned “spiritual relief skills”, too—the care of the souls of victims, as well as the care of my own soul. I “crashed head-on” into the Holy Spirit and I will never be the same. As one season of my life is ending, I truly feel another is beginning. I know I made some life-long friends while training with CRI, and I look forward to future trainings and deployments with them


I was excited about being able to help people in need and in crisis and disaster situations. The one thing about CRI that really gets me excited is to do this in the Name of Jesus. I couldn’t do that at other organizations. I just want to be able to carry the Name of Jesus and go in his name. This week (of training) has been the fulfillment of many promises spoken over my life from years ago. I am very, very grateful to be a part of it.

Recent Trainee

It was an amazing experience for me. There are a lot of great skills I learned here that are invaluable. The trainers are amazing. People who want to get out in their community and make a difference. I would really encourage you if you have a burden on your heart to get out on the mission field this would be a good place to do it

JoshuaRecent Trainee

I am telling people the training just rocked my world. A total paradigm shift. It was so unexpected what God did. I would just say if God puts it on your heart in anyway to attend a training, just do it. Push through and come. The CRI staff put a 150% into it. The leaders and speakers are just so anointed and so good. I am so excited, my spirit just exploded with all the things God gave me to go back to our community and help in times of crisis. I just can’t say enough, it’s just so worth it.

KylaRecent Trainee