Deploying Mobile H.O.P.E.

A portable stage for prayer & worship during times of crisis & disaster.

Biblically, intercession is always the first response to a crisis. CRI has a primary mandate to bring worship, prayer and the presence of the Lord into disaster situations and we now intend to do this in a more full expression.

We are in the process of building “Mobile H.O.P.E.” a portable stage trailer for worship and prayer on deployment. Our intent is to provide a canopy of God’s presence over disaster-struck regions, an atmosphere where victims can receive ministry and CRI Responders can be refreshed on our base camp.

Mobile H.O.P.E. will also deploy with intercessory “strike teams” in advance to vulnerable locations where a crisis is brewing a hurricane is heading, a forest fire is spreading, or civil unrest may take place. We believe that the crisis can be mitigated or averted altogether through worship and prayer!

We are calling forth prophetic intercessors, worshippers, and watchmen to this ATS to become “Crisis Mitigators” and to be deployed as part of Mobile H.O.P.E.

We have raised enough funds to have the trailer built ($21,700), now all we need is additional funding to upgrade our sound gear for the unit. Please consider donating through the link below.