Deployment with Crisis Response International 

Do you want to help in times of crisis? Do you want to join one of our national or international deployments? Let’s get started!

CRI trains, certifies and deploys everyday people like you to meet the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of those affected by a disaster, war, and crisis. We call our volunteers “Responders.” As a CRI Responder and a follower of Jesus Christ, you can be part of the solution to the darkness situations around the world. Join nearly 10,000 other CRI Responders who have trained to meet urgent needs and share the love of God in crisis situations. Learn more about what we believe.

WE NEED YOU! However, due to liabilities, continuity of mission and the safety of volunteers and victims; Crisis Response International only deploys volunteers who have completed our responder training and background check. The background check must have been completed within a year’s time of deployment.

Become a Responder

Register and Attend a Crisis Response Training Camp. Upon completion of your training, we will issue your CRI Responder gear and your deployment badge providing that you have completed your Responder Profile. All responders are required to have a background check.

To help Responders with personal fundraising for deployment CRI has established a personal fundraising link.

Responders please cut and paste and hold onto this link here:

Once you click the link above, we will send you instructions and you can personalize your page, you will get a link and then share it with others as well as a personalized text to give campaign. (set it up now so it is ready when disaster strikes)

We will apply any donation that comes into your deployment fee, minus the credit card transaction fees. When a disaster or crisis strikes and CRI deploys, we will notify you through email, text alert, and social media that we have opened up registration for deployment and you can then sign-up to volunteer on deployment. Our deployment leadership team manages the inflow of all volunteers, relief supplies, resources, and our deployment assets to bring an effective response to the crisis.

What To Expect on Deployment:

Every disaster is different, and so the needs will vary. CRI provides the following relief services on deployment that you may be asked to assist with: Mobile Kitchen Operations, Food Preparation, Food Distribution, Home Gut-Outs, Debris Removal, Tarping Roofs, Rebuilding Projects, Tree Removal, Search & Rescue, Triage, Medical Clinics, Cadaver Recovery, Crisis Ministry, Spiritual and Emotional Support, Worship Services, Water Filtration Projects, Relief Distribution, Point of Distribution Center, Deployment Admin, Logistics Assistance, Team Leading, Security, Transportation however, check the website for each deployment focus.

Typical Day

Starts at 5:30 AM. Breakfast, devotions and worship and out the door to work sites at 9:00 AM. Expect to work hard, get dirty, love on folks and of course have fun. Return to Basecamp at 5:00 PM, Dinner, worship, debrief and lights out at 10:00 PM. Sleeping is in a dorm style environment so bring earplugs and an eye mask and you may be instructed to bring a camp mat or air mattress.

Domestic Deployments

Responders are responsible for their transportation to and from the deployment location. Once at the deployment location, CRI will arrange for a place to sleep, eat and take showers. Typically the cost of this is covered by donations or provided by our host location or Responders pay a small “ground fee” to cover expenses that are not provided by our host. However, specific details and expenses for each deployment will be posted per event.

International Deployments

Normally you will deploy as a team in what we call “waves”. When the deployment is announced, the registration page will list fees for travel insurance, food, lodging, and transportation cost. You will also be given an option to set up a personal fundraising campaign for your deployment fee on the registrations site. Finally, CRI will arrange flights as well as ground transport, meals, and lodging. Passports are required and must be valid at least six months beyond your expected return date. Responders should not arrange transportation or deploy till approved and notified by the Deployment Director.

CRI Domestic Deployment Unit

We will post specific packing lists for domestic and international deployment, but the following are mandatory:

  • Hardhat*
  • Responder Shirts*
  • CRI Badge*
  • Work Boots
  • Gloves
  • Work Clothes
  • Personal Hygiene Items
  • Medications
  • Extra Cash.
  • (*Issued by CRI after training)

CRI Responders are on call when disaster strikes. We’d love to have you join our team and together reach the harvest in crisis. Thank you for your interest and for working with us to reach the harvest in crisis!