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100,000 Homes Flooded – CRI Deploys

By August 25, 2016February 2nd, 2020Deployments & Trips

Baton Rouge Floods – August 25, 2016

On August 13th & 14th Baton Rouge, Louisiana were struck with a thousand-year flood. The waters have since receded and the damage is clear. Reports of 100,000 homes flooded, totaling 30 billion dollars in damage and it being the worst U.S. disaster since Hurricane Sandy still does not seem to draw enough media attention. Most of the homeowners did not have flood insurance as they were not in a flood plain and are now very desperate for help.

Baton Rouge Flood Deployment by Crisis Response International

Crisis Response International has deployed, and we are currently assisting homeowners with drywall and debris removal from their homes and have set up a point of distribution for relief items. We have just been asked to assist in gutting 1000 more homes however we are running low on our trained and certified responders. Due to this, we are temporarily lifting the requirement to be CRI trained volunteers to deploy to Louisiana.

We are urgently seeking assistance from church-based, and pastor approved, teams to deploy to Baton Rouge for flood relief work with CRI.We need chaplains, cooks, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, general labor, administrators, worship leaders and anyone willing to come and serve the people of Baton Rouge. Louisiana needs you now!

We have a base with air conditioning, showers and sleeping space for male and female volunteers. It is recommended you bring an air mattress and sleeping bag. We are providing three meals a day to volunteer teams. Cost is $10 a day per person to help cover food costs and transportation.

For more information, please email Mike Wyatt at [email protected]
or call at (865) 898-6746.

Start a Response Team at Your Church .
We understand that you may not be ready or able to send a team to Louisiana right now but you have a heart to form a response team at your church or become a place of refuge in times of crisis. We would like to offer you training and other resources. Please visit our church partnership / response team page.

In Him,
Sean Malone
Director, Crisis Response International

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