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Applications now being accepted.

We are calling forth pioneers to help us establish the new CRI Blue Ridge Base. Come and be part of our year-round training events, missions schools, conferences, deployments! We are looking for those interested in joining this missional community as operations staff, grow a farm, operate a relief warehouse and fully functioning missions base that trains and sends Responders and Mercy Missionaries around the world!
The Lord is moving in a new way in this season for Crisis Response International, which is requiring us to grow our teams of volunteers and staff for a variety of different positions. If you have been feeling the tug on your heart and asking yourself how you can be more involved with CRI, this is your opportunity.
We need full-time missionaries both on-base and off-base in addition to some in decentralized locations. We also have a variety of off-base and part-time staff roles. As a full-time missionary staff, you can make use of our special personal fundraising platform to invite friends, family, and your church to help support you as a CRI Missionary.

Here are some details:

Living on-base is a “temporary living” agreement of one to six months. This works best primarily for those in transition who are called to move to the area, join full-time staff and who eventually integrate into the local community into their own off-base housing options. Some exceptions may be made.
Those on living on-base are expected to work full-time in the agreed upon capacity supporting one of the many departments, i.e., training, deployment, base operations, logistics, admin, grounds projects.
The cost of living on the camp per month is $250 for RV parking, $350 for dorms and $450 for a shared bedroom. This includes housing, three meals per day, WiFi in designated areas, electric, water, etc.
It is our heart that we would be a blessing to the greater Roanoke area. That said, each missionary should know they are led to the surrounding area and expect to have community involvement outside of the base. Finding a local church body of some kind, making friends and enjoying the city and surrounding mountains are examples of this. CRí is an incredible family, but we greatly encourage our family members to be involved with relationships outside of CRí when pursuing a move to this area.
We believe that every person is gifted with unique talents and abilities that line up with the passions that God has given them. With that in mind, we believe that there is a place for everyone to be involved!


We have designed a full-time CRI missionary staff fundraising tool that is fully customizable and easy to use and share via email, text message, and social media. Learning how to fundraise is an essential skill that every missionary needs. We encourage you to invite your friends, family, and your church to help support you in your step of faith.

Simply click the link, enter your information, and you will be sent to a custom link to set up your fundraising page. It is very easy to track donations and you will be notified automatically when donations come in on your behalf. Your “Base Living Fees” will be deducted monthly and everything else will be deposited into your bank account for your personal expenses and use.

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Missionary Support

Partner Development

Public Relations




Human Resources



In addition to these areas, we’re looking for assistance supporting the CRI Missions Base in the following areas:

CRI Supply

  • Apparel
  • Snacks
  • Resources
  • Books
  • Gear


  • Housing Coordination
  • Hospitality
  • Housekeeping

Grounds Quality

  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Buildings
  • Pool
  • Laundry Areas
  • RV Area

Food Services

  • Kitchen
  • Dining

Operation Resources & Logistics

  • Travel Coordination
  • Resources & Gear
  • Deployment Vehicles
  • Training Supplies
  • Donations
  • Transportation
  • Warehouse


  • Equipment
  • Resources & Supplies
  • Animals
  • Sustainability


  • Worship
  • Intercession
  • Sound
  • Audio/Video

If any of the above areas interest you and you have a desire to be more involved with CRI and our mission, click the button below to fill out an online application. We’ll be in touch as soon as we can!

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