CRI History

The History of CRIIt’s September of 2001, and Sean Malone is visiting family in New York when the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center took place. Sean was a former film technician, so he had access to lighting equipment at the time. Seeing this, Sean retrieved some of that equipment and brought it to Ground Zero. His goal being to provide lighting for the search and rescue operations. At Ground Zero, Sean felt the call of disaster response, and, because of his efforts, the vision of Crisis Response International began.

A few years later, Sean is moving his family to New Orleans to start a new venture with Paramount Pictures. But, this proved to be short-lived. Soon after their arrival, Hurricane Katrina made its way toward Louisiana. Sean and his family were able to get to safety before the disaster struck. Shortly after, they returned and hosted volunteers to cook food and serve the people.

After the hurricane, Sean and his family moved to Kansas City. It is here that the vision of Crisis Response International is fully developed. Sean is now the Founder and Director of our organization. Because of this, CRI has moved its headquarters to Wilmington, North Carolina. Finally,  we are a leading disaster response organization, and do our best to bring light and hope to the darkest corners of the earth.

CRI now experiences tremendous growth and major accomplishments including:

  1. Training and developing a responder network of over 4,000 individuals.
  2. Responding to major disasters including…
    • The Haiti Earthquake
    • Philippine Hurricane
    • Moore Oklahoma Tornadoes
    • The Japan Earthquake,
    • Syrian Refugee Crises in Iraq and Greece.
    • Yazidi Refugees in Iraq
    • Colorado Floods
    • Nepal earthquake.
  3. Developing a network of prepared churches, ministries and individuals around the world who are ready to respond to crisis.

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