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3 Ways to Respond to The Send Event

By February 24, 2019Ministry updates

Thousands gather at The Send to hear God’s heart for the nations

As the message of The Send went out in Orlando, Florida yesterday, we believe a new wave of missions is about to hit the earth, catapulting young and old, rich and poor, black, white, and everything in between to the ends of the earth in a great missions thrust before the coming of the Lord.

We believe The Send event served as a catalyst in moving the people of God out of the comforts of their church pews and into the harvest of the nations of the earth. As people answer the call of God in this hour to be a part of an end time army of God bringing the gospel to the four corners of the earth there are at least three ways to respond and process what the Lord is saying to you.

1. Go: God has called you to play a part no matter where life has you right now. But what does that look like for you? For some, it means living on mission right where God has you today. It may be going to school and becoming the best doctor, teacher, or artist you can be. For others, it may be staying home with your children and raising them to be world changers for Christ. For others, it may be working hard in a department store, or office.  If so, it doesn’t mean God has not called you there and anointed you to make a difference in people’s lives and called you to reach your co-workers, employees, customers or vendors. He has and you need to be open to being used by the Lord. One of the ways you can apply your faith to your work is by being more conscious of God’s grace and presence with you in your office or work setting. God does not live in a temple or a building but in you. You don’t need to be in a prayer room to pray. You are the hands and feet of Christ and that means in your workplace, in your home, in your school, you carry the very presence of God. For those in the marketplace, it means working as to the Lord, not engaging in office gossip or politics, but serving those you work with.

For others, God may be calling you to get out of your comfort zone or situation to go to the nations, either part-time or full-time. It could be for a season, a summer, or during break or paid vacation time from work.  You may be a college student with the summer off and praying about what you should do with your time. You may be a recent retiree or between jobs. If that is you, there are a myriad of options vying for your time and attention and a ton of choices before you. Have you considered what God is saying to you? Not what looks best, what will bring the best ROI, or even what you desire most. Not that those things are wrong and that could be what God has for you, but have you stopped to hear the voice of the Lord? God may be calling you. You may be in the season of transition because God is realigning your life’s work and purpose. The choice is something that you’re going to have to make with a lot of prayer, but for those who are hearing God say, “Go,” CRI has amazing opportunities to join us at our upcoming schools, where you will learn firsthand from missionaries out in the field and have a chance to go and minister internationally. For example, our ARC schools are 11-week schools training you for full-time missions and then sending you to a nation in crisis to make an immediate impact on people’s lives. ARC school is designed for those looking to do full-time missions. For those who may be called to part-time or those still trying to discern the next step, our basic training gives you an amazing experience, disaster relief certification, and confidence in ministering to those in need.

2. Send: For those not called to go, you can be part of a team of people undergirding, financially strengthening, and sending missionaries. You can do this through prayer, encouragement, and financially supporting organizations and missionaries in the field. This option does not relieve you of the duty to go and live missionally wherever you are of course, but you can take an active role and a very real role by sharing material wealth with those giving spiritual gifts to those in need. You still get to live as a witness for Christ and to be ready to give an answer to anyone who asks you, but, God has given each person a gift and if you have been blessed financially you can partner with an organization like CRI or others and we a part of The Trust, a group of churches, businesses, and individuals who are giving on a monthly basis to make this work possible. These faithful and generous givers, allow us to make an even bigger impact on the nations when disasters break out by allocating closer to 100% of every dollar given directly to aid those in crisis including food, shelter, clothing, prayer, chaplaincy, counseling services, and more.

3. Unclear: If you’re unsure or struggling to hear what God is saying to you, wait on him and allow him to speak to your heart. Ask for clarity and then wait for the peace of God on your heart to direct you. But the truth is faith if not accompanied by action is dead. God asks us to step out in faith and follow him. Your job is to get alone and hear from him.

We’d love to help you in any way as you discern the call to go into the mission field. Since 2007 we’ve trained and equipped 10,000 crisis response missionaries. Our goal is to go into the darkest places on earth with the hope of Jesus Christ. We have volunteer, part-time, and full-time positions available and are actively accepting new students and missionaries into our organization. We’ve just secured an 84-acre missions base in Blue Ridge, VA and would love to have you join us. We suggest taking the first step of faith with us by attending a training event. At a training event, you will be equipped and prepared to confidently go into an area of missions with skills and know how to effectively minister in a variety of contexts. After completing training, you will deploy with us and be trained to fundraise to support yourself wherever the Lord calls you. CRI provides resources, training, and covering to help you fulfill the call of God. Let’s talk more.